7 Reasons Why You Need To Use Proxies For Your Firm’s Market Research

By Law Firm Suites - July 2, 2021
7 Reasons Why You Need To Use Proxies For Your Firm’s Market Research

The average person probably only has a vague idea of ​​the purpose of a proxy server. If you are like most people, then you are most likely associating proxy servers with a way to bypass content blocking on the Internet for some countries or with a way to provide more security on an open Wi-Fi network. 

Proxy servers have a lot more functions and are especially important for your law firm. Proxies are a relatively simple intermediary mechanism between a computer with a private IP address and another server on the Internet. The proxy server has its IP address, which becomes public instead of your private one. While this is a relatively minor change, the proxy IP address can be used for several vital business functions related to everything from security to client service.

Increased security

Every business entity today worries about hackers. Data theft is costly in terms of both financial loss and public image. A proxy server reduces the likelihood of being compromised. Proxies add an extra layer of security between your servers and external traffic. Since they can access the Internet and relay requests from computers outside the network, they act as a buffer. While hackers may have access to your proxy, they will have trouble connecting to the server running the software that stores your data. You may not be able to completely protect yourself from hackers by using only a proxy IP address, but you will be much less vulnerable.

Perform Important Tasks Anonymously

Residential proxies are best known for their ability to anonymize web traffic. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize how important this feature is to their business. Law firms should rely on the additional identity protection offered by proxy servers to protect themselves, their sources, their data, clients, and partners. You can also better protect the firm’s ongoing research, development, and other activities. Any potential spy trying to monitor web traffic to figure out what’s driving your business won’t be able to spy on your clients as easily if your firm always uses a proxy server. Any confidential activity performed over the Internet becomes more secure if it is first anonymized through a proxy server.

Traffic Balancing So That Servers Do Not Die

Nothing annoys a client, like a business website that’s overthinking or breaking down. Proxies, cloud storage, and peering improve the client experience by ensuring that the site doesn’t crash. Your website’s data and content are stored on many servers worldwide in the cloud, and peering helps your network handle more traffic. Of course, you cannot ask a client to try multiple ISPs to visit a site. Instead, a proxy server is used to create a single web address to serve as an access point. The proxy will also balance requests for each server so that there is no overload. It all works in the background to ensure a smooth experience for clients on your website.

Controlling The Use Of The Internet By Employees

No firm wants employees to access unsafe or inappropriate websites on corporate networks. This is why many internal networks run on a proxy server. When a network is accessed through a proxy, network administrators control which devices can access the network and which sites those devices can visit. You can block inappropriate content and any sites that you do not want employees to use during business hours. Network administrators can even record what content is accessed and when. Many security personnel uses this to track down potentially illegal activities or security breaches.

Higher Speed And Reduced Traffic

Because of all the extra work done by the proxies in the background, most people assume that they are slowing down their internet speed. It is not so. Proxies are used to increase the speed and save traffic by compressing it, caching files and web pages accessed by multiple users, and removing ads from websites. It frees up traffic on busy networks so your team can access the Internet quickly and easily.

With IP Rotation, You Can Collect Data Quickly.

Proxy servers use IP rotation to distribute a collection of IP addresses to resources in a random and automated manner. IP rotation is used by a variety of proxies, including datacenter proxies and suburban proxies. Since both search engines and the target website server allow your proxies to rotate, you can collect data quickly. 

Proxies Ensure The Data Is Accurate

For market analysis, data quality is critical. You’ll need high-quality, reliable data to make the right predictions and figure out who your target market is. Proxies ensure that all of the information you need is gathered. You won’t miss out on any crucial details, allowing you to get a better picture of the market’s current state.

Final Word 

These were seven good reasons to use a proxy server for your business that every executive should know about, even if you are not on the technical side.

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