White Plains Law Office Suite

Ethically compliant, professionally managed law office rentals and virtual office plans for solos and small law firms.


Services available in our White Plains law office suite.

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    Office Rentals

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    Partner offices to workstations: law office rentals for every budget.

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    Virtual office

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    Virtual office packages custom made for attorneys.

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    Affordable, dedicated deskspaces for attorneys.

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    Meeting Rooms

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    Conference room rentals for depositions and closings.

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  • What you can expect from a Law Firm Suites' legal suite.

    Referrals Increase Revenue
    With our unique referral system, over 7-figures in annual client referrals gets exchanged at every Law Firm Suites location. Show up. Be nice. Get referrals. It’s that easy.
    Earn More in Less Time
    Easily test legal theories, get hard-to-find resources by leveraging the expertise of our Community members. You will save valuable time and reduce malpractice risk.
    Focus on Profits, Not Admin
    Lawyers demand a high degree of professionalism from their offices. Our highly trained staff are experts in running law offices. One less thing for you to manage.
    Familiarity Encourages Clarity
    Our legal suites feel familiar and comfortable, like a working law office. When you’re comfortable, you’ll work more efficiently and with greater clarity.


  • Bee-Line Bus
  • Metro North Railroad


  • Lyon Place
  • 41 Lyon Place
  • Westchester, NY 10601

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about white plains law office suite

About our White Plains Law Office Suite


Our professionally managed law office suite in white plains is located in the Westchester Business Center building just short distance from Metro North and convenient to all courts. Ample and convenient parking in an adjacent garage is complimentary with most office rentals.

In the legal suite, you’ll find a robust community of attorneys with highly specialized B-to-B and B-to-C practices. Regardless of practice area, the common theme is the high caliber of legal talent that you will become your suitemates, and one of the most valuable assets to your practice. 

Our law office suite in White Plains is a Member location operated by Law Firm Suites and Westchester Business Center.


  • The benefits you'll get are no legal fiction.

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