Client referrals add to your law firm’s bottom line.

Additional referral income from other clients takes the sting out of writing that rent check.

At Law Firm Suites,
referrals offset your rent.

Millions in business traded each year.

When it comes to referrals, Lawyers ‘get it.’ At Law Firm Suites, we take what attorneys do naturally, and make it happen faster and with more frequency. In doing so, we transform office rent from your firm’s biggest fixed expense into a revenue producing profit center.

What has your landlord done for you lately?

I was initially skeptical about Law Firm Suite’s referral claims. I shouldn’t have been. Within the first month I received a referral that paid for my office, and subsequently, two additional referrals. This ‘found money’ enabled me to upgrade my office after only four months. Law Firm Suites’ Referral System really works!

Martin Shell
Commercial Litigator, Law Office of Martin Shell

See how Martin grew his practice at Law Firm Suites.

How our unique Referral System will work for you.

Build & nurture a referral culture.
Our clients expect to receive referrals, but they also understand that, for this to happen, they must refer business into the system. The methods we use to attract clients weed out the lawyers who are unwilling to contribute. The result is a Community of great people, who ‘get it’.
Rapidly introduce you to the Community.
Referral generation is all about relationship building. We get to know all about you and your practice so we can help you quickly build relationships with other clients who will make excellent referral partners.
Help you to become a great referrer.
There are good and bad referrers (and receivers). Attorneys who are bad referrers get bad reputations quickly. We help you avoid the pitfalls that can keep you off the referral short list, and ensure referrals that are a good fit for you are steered in your direction.
Promote your victories.
Client’s successes are acknowledged throughout the Community (with your permission, of course). Doing so bolsters your perceived value among your peers. The end result is more business referred to you.

Build strong referral relationships
…without leaving your office.

Relationship building activities that won’t make you feel icky.
We regularly organize easy-to-attend, informal social activities designed to help you build referral partnerships, without making you feel you’ve just left one of those awful networking events.
Social events (lunches and parties)
Lawyer-only networking groups
CLE opportunities
Seminars with industry experts

Are you a Classy
Referrer?…or the Greedy Pig?

There are rules to the referral game. Breaking the rules can prevent referrals from being sent to your law practice.