How Lawyers Can Drastically Improve Their Email Marketing With One Simple Tip

By Law Firm Suites - July 9, 2020
How Lawyers Can Drastically Improve Their Email Marketing With One Simple Tip

By integrating your email marketing with the right CRM, you can drastically improve your ROI when it comes to email marketing.

Every lawyer should be using email marketing to increase their reach and get more clients. It isn’t hard to set up or organize, it’s scalable and perfect for the remaining top of mind with leads and referral sources alike.

Plus it’s not a secret that out of all marketing strategies, email marketing has the best ROI. According to a recent study by Adobe, they found that in some cases a single dollar spent on email marketing can yield a return of $40-$50. However, while this isn’t a guaranteed fact, lawyers who use email marketing effectively can definitely achieve the same results. But what does that mean? How can you make sure that you are getting the most out of your email marketing strategy? The simplest answer is to pair your email marketing strategy with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool). 

When you integrate a CRM with your email marketing you will essentially be taking your efforts to the next level. But sadly many lawyers don’t take advantage of this simple, yet invaluable resource. Maybe that’s due to the fact that they don’t know how to connect their CRM and email marketing platforms, they might not know how to find such a resource or that these tools even exist. 

But if you really want to scale your law firm or simply boost your bottom line and get more clients then here are several reasons why using a CRM that works with your email marketing software is a must.

Learn more about your clients “Buyer’s Journey”

Emails are an integral part of the journey that someone will take from an initial website visitor to paying client. Even if an email does not immediately convert them to a client, it still moves them further down the sales pipeline and closer towards that end goal. If you’re not using a CRM with your email marketing software, you won’t be able to see the impact that your emails are having on the process.

This is because a CRM will allow you to get a lot more data than if you were to simply send the email and wait for a reply. When you integrate a CRM with your email system, you’ll get information such as if they even opened the email to begging with, see if they clicked on any links that you included, or even learn how long they spent with the email open. This will all give you information that you can use when you follow up next or give you insight into what your email is working and what needs updating. For example, if your open rates for a certain email are very low, then you know that your subject line isn’t compelling enough and needs some tweaks.

Use your CRM to send emails

If you have ever had to write personalized cold emails from scratch, then you are well aware of the incredible pain that it can be to write them over and over again. 

Just think, all of your leads info is in probably already in your CRM, so if you want to write them an email then you have to pull up their data in the CRM then also open your email and then write the email while double-checking that you spelled their name right and got all the detail in order. A simple email has now taken 3 times as long to write and you’re a lot more likely to put some typos in there too!

When using a CRM that also integrates email services makes it easy to create templated emails that fill in all those details for you and all you have to do is hit send! All you have to do is choose the who you want to write and your CRM should be able to auto-fill things like names, business names, or anything else you might want. 

On top of that, the best CRM’s, like Hubspot for example, can connect to Gmail directly, meaning you can use your templated emails and auto-fill features without even loading up your CRM. 

Automate automate automate

A CRM that integrates with your email will allow you to create automated email campaigns. These automated campaigns allow you to easily generate intelligent marketing communication campaigns that cater to your contacts, interests, and are executed automatically. Benefits of automated email marketing campaigns include:

  • Promoting engagement with your contacts;
  • Automate communication;
  • Free more valuable time.

These campaigns can also be used to remind your visitors to take specific actions. For example, if a lead hasn’t opened your email or recently had a consultation with you but hasn’t taken action, you can automatically have your CRM send an email reminding them about what they could be missing.

We all know how powerful email can be when it comes to marketing and getting new business. Take that and add in the data already in your CRM and you will have a serious marketing tool at your disposal. So if you’re not using one already, now might be the right time to switch to a CRM that integrates with your email marketing tools and start to get a much greater ROI with your email marketing efforts.

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