7 Tips to Successfully Grow Your Law Firm in Multiple Cities from Attorney Mark M. Childress

By Law Firm Suites - June 12, 2024
7 Tips to Successfully Grow Your Law Firm in Multiple Cities from Attorney Mark M. Childress

Discover essential strategies for growing your law firm in Multiple Cities with insights from family law attorney Mark M. Childress. Learn how to hire effectively, diversify practice areas, develop a marketing strategy, and more to grow your firm and establish new locations successfully.

As the leading coworking space for solo attorneys and small law firms for more than two decades, we know first hand how expanding a law firm to new cities, for example by renting an inexpensive NYC virtual office or a premium office rental your local team can share, can lead to increased revenue, a broader client base, enhanced market presence and greater credibility in your home market.

For solo attorneys and small law firms, the path to growth requires strategic planning and implementation. In this insightful guest post, Fort Worth, Texas based family law attorney Mark M. Childress shares key strategies for law firm expansion.

From hiring additional staff and diversifying practice areas to developing a robust legal marketing strategy and leveraging PR services, this article provides actionable steps to help your firm thrive in new locations. Additionally, Childress emphasizes the importance of updating your firm’s website, measuring key performance indicators, and encouraging client reviews to establish a solid reputation in new markets. Read on to discover how these strategies can position your law firm for sustained growth and success.

#1: Add More Your Staff to Your Practice

Building and expanding your brand is essential for staying competitive in today’s market. Adding new associates and staff to your firm can greatly aid in achieving this goal and contribute to the growth of your brand.

Firstly, new team members bring fresh perspectives and skills to the table. As the legal landscape continuously evolves, it is important to have a team with diverse knowledge and experiences. Hiring new associates and staff with different backgrounds and expertise can help your law firm remain competitive by expanding your range of legal services and reaching out to new markets.

Moreover, hiring additional personnel allows your law firm to serve a wider range of clients. As your firm grows, it becomes more challenging to manage a growing number of clients on your own. With new associates and staff, you can better manage your client base, providing a more personalized and tailored service to each client. This can lead to increased client satisfaction, repeat business, and positive referrals.

Finally, the more resources your law firm has, the greater your capacity for growth. With additional associates and staff, you can take on more cases, expand your services and reach out to new territories, and invest more in marketing and advertising. This can help your law firm increase its visibility, brand recognition, and ultimately, its profitability.

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#2: Add New Practice Areas to Your Firm

Adding new practice areas can be a powerful strategy. By diversifying your legal offerings, you not only attract new clients with unique legal needs, but you also create a competitive edge for your firm by standing out in a crowded marketplace.

For example, if your firm primarily practices family law, but you decide to expand to include intellectual property law, you may attract business owners or creators who are in need of legal assistance in that area. This creates a new revenue stream while also broadening your client base and establishing your firm as a go-to for different types of legal issues.

Moreover, the addition of new practice areas demonstrates that your firm is adaptable and forward-thinking, which can help position your brand as a leader in the legal industry. This is especially true in an age where specialization in niche areas is becoming more prevalent.

Furthermore, adding new practice areas can help you grow your law firm by attracting talent and building a talented team. With new practice areas, you can hire attorneys and staff who specialize in those areas, expanding your firm’s knowledge base and capabilities. Additionally, a diverse range of practice areas can attract a diverse range of qualified candidates, which can improve the overall quality of your legal team.

#3: Create a Legal Marketing Strategy 

If you want to grow your brand and expand into new territories, it is crucial to define a legal marketing strategy. A well-crafted legal marketing plan enables you to reach your target audience, build a positive reputation, and ultimately increase revenue.

Firstly, the legal industry is highly competitive, making it challenging for law firms to stand out from the competition. A legal marketing strategy helps you differentiate yourself by highlighting your unique selling proposition, whether it be your specialized services or your approach to client service.

Secondly, defining a legal marketing strategy allows you to identify your target market better. By understanding the specific needs and preferences of your audience, you can tailor your marketing efforts towards providing them with exactly what they need. This ultimately enhances the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and helps you attract and retain clients.

Thirdly, a legal marketing strategy helps you achieve long-term goals. It creates a roadmap for growth by outlining the specific steps to take to achieve your objectives and expand into new markets. This enables you to stay focused on your end goal and assess your progress along the way.

Finally, a legal marketing strategy helps you stay relevant. The digital age has brought about significant changes in the way clients search and choose legal service providers. A legal marketing strategy leverages these changes by enabling you to adapt your marketing approaches and meet your audience where they are.

#4: Update Your Company Website 

As the legal industry becomes more competitive, law firm owners need to stay updated with the latest marketing trends if they want to grow their brand and expand their services into new territories. One of the most effective ways to do so is by revamping their website with geo pages, new landing pages, and new blogs.

Geo pages are designed to target specific geographic locations, making it easier for potential clients in those areas to find and engage with your services. By optimizing your website with geo pages, you can ensure that your firm is visible to people who are searching for legal services in your target areas. This strategy can significantly increase your website traffic and generate more leads for your firm.

New landing pages are another essential component of a successful law firm website. Landing pages are standalone pages that are designed to convert website visitors into leads or clients. By creating landing pages specific to your legal services, you can provide tailored information to potential clients, and encourage them to take action such as filling out a consultation request form or calling your office. This can significantly improve your lead generation efforts and bring in more business for your firm.

Finally, creating new blog content is an excellent way to keep your website fresh and relevant. By regularly publishing informative and high-quality blog posts, you can establish your firm as a thought leader within your industry and provide value to your clients and prospects. Additionally, search engines love fresh content, so regularly updating your blog can also improve your website’s search engine rankings and visibility.

#5: Invest in PR Services 

Public Relations firms specialize in developing and executing strategic communication plans, including media relations, content creation, crisis management, and reputation building. By leveraging their expertise, law firm owners can connect with a broader audience, enhance their brand reputation, and expand their business to new horizons.

One of the most significant benefits of investing in PR services is the amplification of the firm’s message. PR firms can create a compelling story around the firm’s values, experience, and expertise and tailor it to specific audiences. The message can then be shared across various platforms, including media outlets, social media, and industry events, to increase the firm’s exposure.

Additionally, PR services can help law firm owners build their reputation as thought leaders in their field. This is done by leveraging media opportunities such as interviews, expert commentary, and op-eds to share the firm’s insights on legal matters with a broader audience. As a result, the firm can establish its credibility and build a positive reputation as a trustworthy source of legal information.

#6: Measure KPIs To Set Realistic Goals 

As a law firm owner, you understand the importance of setting goals to achieve growth and success in your business. However, it’s equally crucial to measure the right key performance indicators (KPIs) to set those goals realistically. By taking stock of your firm’s performance through KPIs, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and take concrete actions to optimize your resources, strengthen your brand, and expand into new territories.

By measuring the right KPIs, you can gauge the effectiveness of your marketing, client acquisition, retention, and satisfaction efforts. For instance, tracking the conversion rate of your website visitors into clients, your average billable hours per client, and your client satisfaction ratings can help you identify areas for improvement and growth. Additionally, measuring your revenue per lawyer, your profit margin, and your return on investment for different marketing channels can help you optimize your resources and identify new revenue streams.

Measuring KPIs also allows you to stay ahead of the competition by identifying emerging trends, potential threats, and untapped markets. By benchmarking your KPIs against industry standards and your peers, you can gain valuable insights and make strategic decisions that give you a competitive edge.

In short, measuring KPIs is not just a matter of tracking numbers. It’s a strategic tool that empowers you to make data-driven decisions, set realistic goals, and achieve growth sustainably. As a seasoned and experienced law firm owner, you know that investing time and resources in measuring KPIs and setting realistic goals is a wise choice that pays off in the long run.

#7: Ask Your Clients to Leave Reviews of Your Legal Services 

Studies demonstrate that consumers put substantial weight on online reviews when determining whether or not to engage with a business. One of the best ways to create a solid presence in the new regions is by asking for reviews of your legal services. Client reviews are an important tool for law firms that are looking to grow their brand and establish their reputation in the market. 

In this digital age, potential clients will almost certainly look for reviews about the law firm they’re considering. Without these reviews, potential clients are less likely to know anything about the reputation or quality of service offered by a law firm. This lack of information can be detrimental to the firm’s growth since clients prefer to engage with companies that have a positive reputation and track record.

Reviews help establish trust in the new market, which is especially important for firms expanding into an area where they are not already well known. Reviews also allow law firms to receive valuable feedback from clients, which helps them improve their services. Additionally, positive reviews can be used as a marketing tool to attract new clients and showcase what separates your firm from the competition. 

By requesting reviews of their legal services, law firms that are expanding into new territories can increase the visibility of their brand and establish themselves as a reputable name in the industry. Doing so will not only attract new clients, but it will also foster long-lasting partnerships with existing clients, ensuring continued growth and success.


About the Author: 

Attorney Mark M. Childress has been serving the Fort Worth community and surrounding areas for over two decades. With a strong foundation in family law, Mark established his private practice in 2007, following in the footsteps of his grandfather. Throughout his distinguished career, he has honed his expertise as a litigator in the courtroom and a savvy business owner. Mark’s dedication to his clients is evident in the establishment of the Law Offices of Mark M. Childress, PLLC, as he leads a compassionate team that always prioritizes the needs of their clients. Mark’s impressive track record extends beyond family law, encompassing criminal law and civil litigation. With his vast experience and commitment to excellence, Mark M. Childress is a highly regarded authority in his field, fostering successful outcomes for clients in Fort Worth and beyond.

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