How to Get The Most Out of your Out-Of-State Virtual Law Office

By Law Firm Suites - May 9, 2017
How to Get The Most Out of your Out-Of-State Virtual Law Office

Discover the simple steps you can take to ensure you’re getting the most out of your out-of-state virtual law office!

Every executive office center is different. Some may strive to be very involved in making your practice more successful, and others may just collect your check.

At Law Firm Suites, our management style is very much the former. We can’t say for sure what goes on in other executive office centers, but here are a few of the many ways that our clients get the most value from their virtual office.

Help with local knowledge saves time and money

Your virtual office center should be the most important resource for local vendors and services that you may need to support your practice. But a center with a strong community of local attorneys can be much more than that.

Legal practice is hard enough when you’re practicing in one jurisdiction, but when you’re dabbling in another location, assistance with local practice issues can be indispensable. Getting a tutorial on jury instructions can save two days of legal research. A virtual office with a strong community of attorneys can get you access to these resources.

Make a powerful impression

Clients don’t realize you rent a virtual office, they think the whole office suite is yours.

When clients come to visit you in the office, they have no idea that you are a virtual client. Most clients will assume that the whole office is yours, which will be impressive, and a good operator knows to play along. The office provides the client with visual confirmation that you are a successful attorney. This helps build trust, which enables you to be a more effective counselor.

More than mail services

Any virtual office provider will collect and forward your mail. However, if you retain an out-of-state client, you may want to consider forwarding your mail to the center staff to have them re-mail it with a local postage stamp.

Local counsel when you need it most

If you have to make an emergency appearance, it’s a lot more effective to have a relationship with someone who is local to attend a hearing versus paying for a last minute plane ticket and rearrange your schedule. Your virtual office should be a forum for you to find local counsel for appearances, or to develop Of Counsel relationships.

Your virtual office should be a source of client referrals

It’s possible to derive a substantial economic benefit from your virtual office rental. In fact, if you use your virtual office strategically, you can source tens of thousands of dollars of easy-to-find client referrals each year.

The practice of law requires frequent interaction with other attorneys for help with practice issues, client management issues or marketing ideas. That’s why attorneys tend to congregate with each other, particularly in shared office spaces.

The virtual office lawyers in your center need a connection with other lawyers as much as you do. These attorneys come across cases that they can’t handle and they need to be referred out to other attorneys. Those cases could go to you. In many office centers, virtual office clients are an untapped wealth of referral possibilities.

The biggest challenge for the virtual office lawyer is getting known by your peers. No one can send you referrals if they don’t know who you are.

The staff deals with every client and is frequently in the middle of a potential referral opportunity when it comes up. You would be surprised just how often clients come to us to ask us for an introduction to a lawyer to whom they can send a referral (or even ask a question).

Make sure every member of the office staff knows who you are, what your practice area is, and why types of clients you service. The more specific you can make this description, the more likely they will remember what you do.

So whether your firm is looking to expand into new markets, impress a client, or simply maintain a practice after relocating, a virtual office is a cost-effective way to maintain an office presence away from your home city. Follow these tips to make sure you are getting the absolute most out of your out-of-state virtual law office!

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