I Got A Bit Creative With My Law Firm’s Client Reviews | #FollowAttorneyAmanda

By Law Firm Suites - December 28, 2021
I Got A Bit Creative With My Law Firm’s Client Reviews | #FollowAttorneyAmanda

Client reviews are essential to gaining more clientele to your law firm, however, it’s ok to showcase them in a way that’s more than just black and white text on a screen.

Your client reviews are sometimes the first thing potential clients will see when they search your firm online. So it’s important to make sure your ratings are in good standings. If your firm is taking a more social media approach to reach new clients it wouldn’t hurt to spice up how you showcase your reviews.

In this week’s #FollowAttorneyAmanda, Amanda talks about her new creative approach to showcasing her client reviews.

Take a look at the video below and see what Amanda has been up to!




                Video Transcript

Hi, welcome to #FollowAttorneyAmanda. I am attorney Amanda Shaffer. Today we’re going to talk about client review alternatives. In a previous episode, I talked about client appreciation and how I would make a post like if a client’s sent me a gift, I’ll make a post out of it; thanking the client, showing what the client got us. I think I got a scarf last time and that was great. I have been thinking since then, one of the hardest things to do is get clients to physically write reviews, even when they are thrilled with your services. We right now have 70 reviews on Google, which is more than most, and it’s like a 4.99 or something in our review, which is great and all, but we have so many more clients who say they’re going to write reviews and then don’t. And I’ve mentioned before, if you’ve seen the previous episodes that we don’t have a mechanism in place right now to send a follow-up email, reminding people, and I have mixed feelings about it because I don’t want to annoy people at the same time.

So I got an email yesterday from a client that said, “Yes, you did say that from the beginning. Her prior counsel scared the expletive out of her and was preparing this to be turned on me. And then the best part I could have added 15 years to my life by hiring you to begin with a lesson learned.” And when I saw that, I was like, this is exactly what someone – I wish someone wrote in a review. Now this client is a newer client and I usually don’t ask people to write reviews until later on, but I was like, how can I capitalize on this? So I came up with a new, like post thing called #FromTheClientsMouth. And it basically it’s a post of a mouth with inside it is like a text message with my client’s own words. And I did ask this client for the first one for her permission because of the sensitive nature of the case, but because it’s anonymous, as long as it doesn’t give any identifying details, just like my notable approval video series, I can use it. So I think this is a great way to get around the problem, at least temporarily. I mean, obviously, I think client reviews are still the most effective, that number – that rating on Google, on Facebook, on Yelp, or wherever it really can affect your business. But I try to make the most out of what we have at the moment.

So we’ll see how this goes. I’ve had – I tried it actually. I’ve done something similar before. I think it was last week or the week before a client sent a text message saying that I was the best or blah, blah, blah. And I actually screenshotted it and made a text out of that and just said, #HappyClient. But I want to make it clear that this is from – I could do the same thing with that, even though it was an email, but that gets a little messy because then you have to start reacting more. Here when – I was able to take out the prior counsel’s name very easily since I’m not just doing a copy-paste thing I rewrote it. So again, we’ll see if we get any results from this, but the more positive comments you put out there from clients and positivity about the firm, I think the better. So that is all today for #FollowAttorneyAmanda. Join me next time. Thanks for watching.


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