7 Articles On Social Media Marketing That Could Benefit Your Firm

By Law Firm Suites - December 3, 2021
7 Articles On Social Media Marketing That Could Benefit Your Firm

Utilizing social media as a marketing tool is a great way to boost your law firm and gain clients in an unconventional way. 

Here are some articles that will help your law firm dive into the world of social media marketing.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Your Law Firm

Today, a social media marketing strategy is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Some of the most used social platforms include Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. and people are relying on social media for more than the latest news and business trends. The social media online community is growing, it is a force to be reckoned with. Get quick, useful and simple information on how your law firm can best utilize social media.

The Complete Guide to Social Media for Lawyers

When deciding how to promote your law firm, it can be easy to overlook the enormous power of social media. The prospect of continually sending tweets, likes, and shares can feel overly time-consuming at first glance, so it may seem easier to just sidestep social media—but this could be a big mistake for your business. As an attorney, you’re paid to be an excellent communicator—but are you as effective when it comes to social media marketing to your target audience?

My Experience with the Darkside of Attorney Social Media Marketing | #FollowAttorneyAmanda

Social Media can be a wonderful place for your business to flourish but it also can become a breeding ground for trolls who might not appreciate your work, your content, or even you. Amanda grapples with the dark side of social media marketing for law firms: trolls who don’t appreciate your work, your content, or even you!

Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing by Lawyers

As social media marketers for attorneys, we know how social media and search engine optimization work in tandem to improve the rankings of any law firm website. We see many lawyers who are making mistakes in the ways that they handle their law firm’s social media marketing efforts. This article will explain the benefits to attorneys and law firms of engaging in social media and some tips from our digital marketing experts for how lawyers can use social media to build an online audience of prospective clients and referrals.

Social Media Marketing Tips For Solo Attorneys

There was a time when the idea of marketing law practices on social media was a bit inconceivable, even among lawyers themselves. Then again, you can’t blame a criminal defense attorney or any legal practitioner for not taking social media seriously back then. After all, in its earliest days, social media was more geared towards touching base with family and old, long-lost friends, not a business.

Developing a Strong Social Media Presence for Your Law Firm

Social media has long been a popular marketing channel for major brands. You see companies like Nike, Starbucks, and even Airbnb dominating the landscape with their exceptional social media marketing tactics. While people enjoy interacting with these consumer brands, it might seem like the legal industry has largely ignored social media as an effective marketing channel. But this isn’t entirely the case as social media use among law firms and independent attorneys become increasingly popular.

Things I Wish I Knew About Social Media Marketing Before Going Solo [eBook]

For many lawyers, social media is an area where there is room for improvement. But a few attorneys have figured out how to successfully and efficiently use it to build their practices. But how can you replicate those same results for your firm? Get an insider’s perspective of how one lawyer used social media marketing to build a unique brand and successful solo law practice.

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