7 Ways To Build An Effective Law Firm Marketing Strategy Using Social Networks

By Law Firm Suites - July 30, 2021
7 Ways To Build An Effective Law Firm Marketing Strategy Using Social Networks

Social media networks attract billions of followers each day, presenting a rich hunting ground for law firms. However, the traffic will not flow to your firm automatically. You have to market your services and capture the attention of potential clients. 

Marketing a law firm on social media requires a strategy. This strategy will demonstrate that you are a professional and will also help you to win your target clients. Here are excellent strategies for law firms to market their practice on social media. 

Build A Strong Social Media Presence 

Open social media accounts for your law firm on different channels. While accounts of individual lawyers and personnel can still be used for social media marketing, you must establish an official presence on different platforms. It gives followers the impression that they are engaging with a brand and not a person. Diversify your presence to different channels to capture attention on all of them. 

Analyze Current Legal Situations

Do not keep quiet when there is a legal debate in progress. Participating in such debates brings you to the limelight. It shows that you are a competent lawyer who understands the situation and is ready to jump into the discussion. 

Engage Your Followers 

Your followers on social media are after information and also want to voice their concerns. They will ask questions and make comments on your social media accounts. Some will be private while others are made in public. Answer these questions and respond to their concerns. It builds loyalty, a community around your legal practice, and potential new clients. 

Diversify Your Content 

Engage your followers using different types of content. Some updates require text while others are best addressed on video. Diversity caters to different consumption habits and preferences. You also remain active on different channels, raising your profile on social media. 

Establish A Blog

Social media is fluid. Use it to establish a warehouse of articles and information on legal matters called a blog. Direct your followers to the blog to get more information, including old articles and discussions. 

Use social media networks to attract attention to your blog. Capture snippets of the content on social media to raise interest in what is available in the blog. This helps to build loyalty as people read through detailed articles that are not fit for social media. The archive on the blog also helps you to build loyalty and capture return traffic. It will also boost your ranking on search engines. 

Be Open To Attract Customers

Social media is not just social for a law firm. It should work like a reception where people find directions to your firm. Offer contact details and addresses so that potential clients land at your desk. 

Be A Professional 

While it is social media, you still have a responsibility to be professional. Use appropriate language, treat discussions like a professional, and do not get personal. Maintain a consistent brand on all channels to boost confidence in your services. 

Evaluate your social media strategy often to see what’s working and what does not work. Adjust the strategy and only spend money where there are returns. Use social media to capture clients looking for legal services. 

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