7 Ways to Kick Start your Practice in the New Year

By Law Firm Suites - January 8, 2021
7 Ways to Kick Start your Practice in the New Year

2020 was an interesting year for businesses and attorneys. There was a ton of uncharted territory that entrepreneurs young and old had to conquer to make it through. But the journey doesn’t just stop as the New Year rears its head! It time to take an extra step and push through to meet all of your goals for 2021. Here are some tips on how to kick start your practice in this new year!  

Take A Moment To Breath

2020 was a very hard year for everyone for different and the same reasons. The Covid-19 pandemic may have uprooted a lot of your goals and your stamina. Customarily when the new year beckons everyone is obsessed with a “new year, new me” mentality. Don’t believe the hype. Instead of thinking about your 2020 downfalls take a moment to breathe and reassess your situation. Think about all the good you have accomplished and look forward to new endeavors to conquer. Even taking some time to participate in some self-care activities will benefit your mindset for the new year. It is essential to build your confidence and mental health before moving forward. 

Continue Your Momentum or Build It Up

It’s essential to not look at the new year as a new beginning. The new year should be a continuation of the momentum you’ve built from the year before. Entrepreneur.com pens an interesting article on strategies for your new year’s goals. If for some reason you’ve faltered in the previous months, use this time to build your momentum. It’s always best to have a strong foundation to build on. 

Develop Goals for 2021 And Plan For The Quarter

One of the first things you need to do is to establish some clear and attainable goals for 2021. This actually should have been accomplished in 2020 but if you’ve got a late start that’s no problem…get to it now! The key to this is making sure your goals are ATTAINABLE! If you start with unrealistic expectations of what the year should hold then you will be doing yourself an injustice. You will burn out and you will fail…harsh, but it’s the truth. Don’t set yourself up for failure by looking at what other people are doing in the industry. Take time to research the culture or your practice, reevaluate your target audience, and give yourself a timeline to accomplish goals.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Success isn’t a straight line, there will always be curves and obstacles in your path but don’t let that hinder your growth. If you don’t step out of your comfort zone you will forever operate in a mediocre standard. Every step doesn’t have to be a large one either, remember that small steps count. Even if you are just revamping your marketing plan or attend more virtual networking events, if it’s something you wouldn’t have done in the past then it counts as growth. 

Develop A Strong Team

Going into 2021, one could assume that you already have a solid group of employees or colleagues that you lean on. However, with the current atmosphere, it is also safe to say that these solid groups of people might be hesitant to come back into the office or even participate in strength-building activities. These feelings are valid so it is up to you to find new ways to manage these feelings. Even if you decide to clean up shop and hire a new team it is key to think about ways to make your employees feel safe and secure while in the office.  

Build Up Your Network

To have a successful year, you have to have a strong network behind you. Just because networking events are now virtual doesn’t mean you stop allowing your light to shine through. This is where your confidence needs to peep through. Being heard and making connections online is harder than you think but it is attainable. The relationships you establish and/or strengthen this year will help you meet your goals and can help you gain referrals. 

Focus on Your Goals

Earlier we mentioned the importance of establishing attainable goals but we didn’t talk about the act of actually accomplishing them. Once you set attainable goals it’s important to have an execution plan in place. If you develop timelines and milestones it will be easier to focus on your goals without burning you out. It’s also important to take breaks in between goals so you can regroup and enter the next phase refreshed. 

Navigating a new year can be stressful but don’t let it drive you insane. If you walk into 2021 with a ready and malleable mindset then the sky truly is the limit to what you can and will accomplish. 

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