7 Articles On How To Enjoy The Holidays While Managing Your Law Practice

By Law Firm Suites - December 4, 2020
7 Articles On How To Enjoy The Holidays While Managing Your Law Practice

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…yet this time of the year is posing to be very hectic and stressful for the majority. Don’t let the stress of running your practice hinder you from enjoying this special time with your family and friends (socially distanced of course). The articles below highlight interesting ways to combat stress and make the most out of your holidays. 

4 Things To Consider While Managing Your Law Firm’s New Reality

As we navigate the use of social distancing and most of us scramble to implement new virtual business strategies, lawyers are pivoting and changing their mindset about how to work and thrive in a stay-at-home economy. Here are some top tips that your firm can implement to help ensure your firm not only survives but thrives during this crazy time.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Business for the Holidays

The holidays can be both your most profitable time of year and your best opportunity to reach out to new customers. You can make the most of them by planning. If November and December are your busy season, here are five things you can do now to get ready

How to Stay Healthy and Productive Through the Holidays

The holidays are a bit two-faced–they’re a time of love, joy, and generosity, but as expectations rise and time runs out, they also can make you anxious enough to hyperventilate into a paper bag. To stay productive, stay healthy, and finish the year as strongly as possible, ditching that stress should top your priority list. For inspiration, try these tips listed in this article.

5 Things I’m Doing Right Now To Prepare My Solo Firm For The Holiday Season

The holidays can be nerve-racking for self-employed lawyers, especially if you don’t plan. Between trying to see family and the already hectic nature of this time of year, the stress adds up quickly. Here are five things I’m doing right now to prepare my solo firm for the holiday season.

5 Ways to Keep Working and Still Have a Life During the Holidays

Achieving a healthy balance between work and life is a real challenge that entrepreneurs and solo attorneys face daily. Especially during the holiday season, understanding that there are still deadlines to meet and bills that have to be paid amid all the festivities can become daunting. If you want to reduce stress and not have your holiday ruined, here are five ways that you can balance work and life.

How Entrepreneurs Can Develop Healthier Holiday Work Habits

How are you planning to spend time with your family? Will you be logging off of your business entirely during that time, or will you try to steal away a few minutes here and there to respond to “important” emails? Solo attorneys, entrepreneurs, and business owners are often in the habit of being a little overly connected to their work. But with this constant connectivity, many find it difficult to truly log-off, even on popular occasions like Christmas. But if you put the following tips to use, they’ll help you restore balance and enjoy a true day away.

Your Questions About Holidays at Work, Answered

A great way to destress over the holidays is to show appreciation to your colleagues in the workplace. In this article, columnist Alison Green answers questions about giving gifts in your office this holiday season? Here’s a roundup of answers to five holiday-related questions from inc.com’s readers.

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