3 Proven Strategies to Help Lawyers Get More Clients from Social Media

By Law Firm Suites - September 1, 2020
3 Proven Strategies to Help Lawyers Get More Clients from Social Media

While social media is a powerful way to get your practice to stand out, it can be an even more powerful tool when it comes to getting new business if you know what to do.

Social media can be a powerful tool for getting your law firm to stand out from the competition. But not all social media marketing strategies are created equal. While some do a great job of acquiring new clients, others seem to fly entirely under the radar.

So what makes the difference? A major factor simply comes from the way you set up your social media campaigns. As important as the right text and image can be, they will only be as effective as your strategy allows them to be.

Organic Engagement is King

Paid campaigns have become increasingly important in light of declining organic reach across Facebook and other social media platforms. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore ways to expand your reach with organic posts. Yes paid campaigns make it incredibly easy to find and market to your ideal client, but organic content is essential for keeping them engaged and eager to continue interacting with you and your brand.

For example,  Instagram Stories are now one of the most popular types of social media posts. In fact, studies have found that 25% of Instagram users have used Stories to discover new products and services. This organic posting method could be key in helping your law firm to convert visitors into paying clients.

Another important tactic to consider is how often you should be posting this type of research to your various profiles. Experts suggest that you should post twice per day on Facebook, and up to three times a day on Twitter before engagement starts to take a turn for the worst. To fix this you need to track, record, and analyze your interactions on social media to see not only what types of content get the most interactions, and at what times.

Sometimes Less is More

Throwing up a dozen social media marketing strategies and seeing what sticks isn’t the best idea, especially if you’re on a tight budget. With this strategy, you will most definitely end up targeting the same people over and over again, which will lower its results. 

A recent study by the pros over KlientBoost has shown that you should run a maximum of three or four campaigns, with each campaign focused on groups in different parts of the sales funnel. Too many ads will spread your social media spending too thin to have a meaningful impact. Reducing your campaigns and number of ads means you can spend more of your budget on each campaign, therefore increasing the audience while minimizing overlap.

Get the Most Out of Remarketing

Here’s a little secret, your potential clients will rarely sign up for your services or for a consultation the first time they engage with your brand.

Because of this, your ability to successfully retarget them through your social media campaigns can serve as a powerful reminding tool that guides them through the rest of the sales funnel.

There are several resources that will help in this area. For example, Facebook’s Automatic Advanced Matching links with the pixel to collect additional information from form fields on your website. Helping you to create larger and more accurate audiences for your ads to target.

When paired with Dynamic Ads, this tool can be even more powerful. These ads deliver personalized content based on the services or benefits potential clients looked at while browsing your site. Further highlighting and reminding them of these services! 

This if someone spends some time looking at a page on your practice areas, you might want to follow up with testimonials and examples of how you have helped other people with similar needs.

While these tactics can streamline your social media efforts, this doesn’t mean you can let social become a “set it and forget it” part of your marketing. By continuing to record and measure your post’s effectiveness, introducing new campaigns, and making adjustments based on your audience’s engagement levels, you can ensure that your social media marking efforts will result in new clients.

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