7 Best Articles for Overall Improvement of Your Small Law Firm

By Law Firm Suites - December 23, 2016
7 Best Articles for Overall Improvement of Your Small Law Firm

Need help improving your small law firm? These articles can do the trick!

The overall improvement of your small practice is imperative for healthy law firm growth. These great article picks can help you make changes in various parts of your firm.

1.  Real Life Solutions to the 10 Biggest Problems of Small Firm Practice

One of the most effective ways to learn is by analyzing the similar experiences of your peers. Use this eBook to discover how ten real-world solutions other lawyers used to help solve some of the most t frustrating problems of small firm practice.

2.  10 Reasons Why Law Firm Marketing Is Failing And How To Fix The Problems

As a lawyer, you went to school and have been trained to practice law, not to be an expert marketer. As a result, not all law firms excel at pitching their firm to potential clients. Follow this article to learn ten different reasons why lawyers are not the best marketers, and how to avoid those problems in the future.

3.  If Your Law Firm Accounting Is A Mess, Here’s What To Do About It

It is common for solo and small firm lawyers to let their bookkeeping get unorganized. With all the other things they have to worry about during the day, it makes sense that accounting is less of a priority. This is a dangerous trap to fall into! Use the advice in this article to learn if you’re books are considered a “mess” and discover what you can do to help.

4.  Six Ways to Fix your Follow-Up

According to James Stapleton, chief marketing and development officer for Littler Mendelson, the number one reason lawyers fail to keep their client pipeline full is because of their failure to follow-up with potential clients. Follow the six simple steps in this article to improve your follow-up system and retain more business.

5.  Five Ways to Improve Your Law Firm’s Culture

Having the right culture and atmosphere for your practice is crucial to your firm’s health and success. That “culture” will help your practice retain many different potential clients who either agree with or enjoy the feeling your firm exudes. The five quick tips in this article will help your practice build and maintain a great culture that attracts new clients.

6.  Unlocking Productivity in Your Law Office: Eight Keys to Exposing Billable Time Killers

Of all the challenges solo law firms face, perhaps time management is the hardest to handle. After all, solo lawyers are constantly juggling different tasks, from the actual practice of law, to marketing and other administrative duties. Use this guide to see where you might be missing out on potential billable hours, and start to earn more in your practice.

7.  How to Use Negative Feedback to your Advantage [Infographic]

For lawyers, negative feedback can present itself in several different forms. But no matter how it comes about, negative feedback should be used to better yourself and your practice. Follow the experiences in this infographic to learn how to best respond and react to negative feedback.

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