7 Best Articles for Closing Client Deals in Your Small Law Firm

By Law Firm Suites - September 30, 2016
7 Best Articles for Closing Client Deals in Your Small Law Firm

Closing clients deals as a small firm lawyer ensures your continued success. These great articles can help!

It takes the right steps and a well thought out process to close client deals in a small law firm. These great articles can help you do it right!

1.  The Keys to Close More Client Leads as a Lawyer

Timing can often mean the difference between success and failure, between closing a client lead and not. The quicker you are able to follow-up with a potential client, the more likely they are to retain your services. Follow this article to learn about other great tips on how to turn more leads into clients.

2.  Improve Your Follow-Up Strategy, Get More Clients [Infographic]

There is a myth that prospects need to be contacted as many as eight times to be converted from leads into clients. But as it turns out, you can greatly improve your chances of converting leads into clients by changing the timing, frequency, and method you use when following up. Use this infographic to help you make simple changes to your contact strategy and get more clients.

3.  5 Tips For Closing The Deal With Clients

Much like realtors, lawyers need to always be looking to close new deals. This is especially true for self-employed lawyers because as a solo you don’t have a salary or steady paycheck to rely on if you fail to close. Follow this article to learn about five different tips that will help you retain more potential clients.

4.  ‘Closing The Deal’ – The Lawyer’s Version

Learning how to sell is one of the most important things lawyers need to know, yet weren’t taught in law school. It is an essential skill that every lawyer needs to master in order to have a successful legal career. Follow the story of one virtual law office lawyer and how her sales method has helped to close more client deals.

5.  Why You Need To Stop Selling And Start Educating

The old method of selling is not as effective in the digital age. Consumers have much more information at their fingertips, and as such are much smarter consumers. Today there is another very successful sales and marketing strategy called inbound marketing. Follow this article to learn why it is better to inform potential clients versus approach them with a hard sales technique.

6.  10 Steps For Giving A Convincing Sales Pitch

Although the times have changed, having a good sales pitch is still an essential sales tool. But you can’t have just one good sales pitch, you need to have the right one as well. Use this article to learn about the different components of a great sales pitch, and how to create one for your firm.

7.  5 Career Changing Tips for Lawyers Who Hate Selling

For many lawyers, there’s something about selling that feels unethical. Like it’s beneath us as attorneys. In our profession, selling sometimes gets a bad rap, but what if our mindset about sales is all wrong? This article shows that you need to rethink how to perceive sales, because no matter how good you are at lawyering, all self-employed lawyers must learn to sell their services.

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