Co-Counsel Opportunities From Suitemates Help Matrimonial Lawyer Quickly Reach Financial Stability in New Solo Practice

Co-Counsel Opportunities From Suitemates Help Matrimonial Lawyer Quickly Reach Financial Stability in New Solo Practice
Matrimonial attorney, Joleena Louis, launched her solo practice using Law Firm Suites’ Start-Up Program. The referrals she received and advice she got from her peers in the Law Firm Suites Community helped Joleena reach financial stability within her first year of solo practice.
  • Retained higher volume of cases after establishing co-counseling relationships with attorneys in other practice areas.
  • Offered an opportunity to write a weekly blog series that has been the source of substantial referrals.
  • Quickly stabilized her new solo practice and upgraded from a workstation to private office within the first year.

“Starting your own practice can feel like you are stepping off a cliff. Law Firm Suites (LFS) cushions that fall.

What really intrigued me was the exclusivity to lawyers. I did my homework and checked out almost ten different office providers. While visiting each one, I felt that there was a certain legal vibe that was lacking.

After visiting Law Firm Suites, I knew it was going to be my home. It is a working law office with lawyers in many different practice areas. As a family law attorney, this is especially helpful, as my clients often have issues in other areas of the law, such as immigration, where I have no expertise.

As a part of the LFS community, I can co-counsel with one of our immigration attorneys, which allows me to keep a larger volume of cases while reducing my malpractice risk. The legal community here has been beneficial to my business and the referrals and advice I receive from other attorneys in the office has helped my firm grow.

The flexibility of the Start-Up Program allowed me to afford a dedicated workspace with payments that grew with my business. In less than a year, my firm was profitable enough to upgrade to a private office.

Choosing Law Firm Suites as my office space was one of the best decisions I made when starting my firm. I don’t think I would be nearly as successful if I started anywhere else. ”

Joleena Louis
Matrimonial Attorney, Joleena Louis Law

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