Support from Peers Propels Newly Admitted T&E Solo From a Virtual Office to Full-time Workspace in Just Six Months

Support from Peers Propels Newly Admitted T&E Solo From a Virtual Office to Full-time Workspace in Just Six Months
Estate and business succession planning attorney, Thomas Chu, started his own law practice immediately upon getting admitted to the bar. By leveraging the Law Firm Suites Community, he received referrals from colleagues, co-counseled with peers and received valuable practice management advice that helped him quickly reach financial stability.
  • Joined BNI chapter based on the recommendation of an LFS Community member.
  • Received referrals and co-counsel opportunities in his legal specialty from colleagues within the LFS community.
  • Invited to host a well-attended practice management seminar featuring his expertise.
  • Was able to upgrade from a virtual office to a permanent workspace within six months of going solo.


“Unlike most clients, I actually started my career as an attorney at Law Firm Suites (LFS). I went solo as a trust and estate attorney directly out of law school upon my admission to the bar.

On my first day as a virtual office client, I was reunited with a Hofstra Law School classmate, Joleena Louis, who was also starting a solo practice.

I was able to bring Joleena into my Business Network International (BNI) chapter, which I was introduced to through another LFS community member.

Joleena and I have collaborated on clients and reaped incredible benefits from the LFS community, including practice management tips, support in our legal specialties, paying referrals, and most importantly, becoming a member of a community of entrepreneurially-minded colleagues who see opportunities that other attorneys do not.

Within six months, I was able to graduate from a virtual office to a full-time workspace at LFS, I hosted a practice management seminar on springing powers of attorney that was packed out with over 20 of my solo attorney colleagues, and I put my practice on a sure footing to flourish thanks to the help of LFS’s staff and suitemates.

This is a place where I go to work wearing a smile because it is the engine that powers my law practice.”

Thomas Chu
Trust & Estates Attorney, Law Office of Thomas K. Chu


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