Law Firm Start-Up Program

A flexible financial arrangement that lowers your initial fixed expenses, affording you time to build a book of business.


Included in your package, you get…

The tools you need
to run a practice.

Low cost starting rent

Furnished workstation

Telephone & Internet

Conference room usage

Plus, the benefits that will make you successful.

Client referrals

Per diem opportunities

In-office networking

Community Mentoring

A Shorter Path to Success

When starting a practice, you need to quickly learn a new set of skills to market and manage your firm successfully. By surrounding yourself with other lawyers who have done it already (and leveraging their experiences), you’ll be on the fast track to success.

What has your landlord done for you lately?

The flexibility of the Start-Up Program allowed me to afford a dedicated workspace with payments that grew with my business. In less than a year, my firm was profitable enough to upgrade to a private office.

Joleena Louis

Matrimonial Attorney, Joleena Louis Law

See how Joleena got her practice started at Law Firm Suites.

Start-Up Program FAQ’s

When does my rent increase?

Rent starts at a significantly discounted rate for the first four months. After that, there are gentle escalations every three months, which you will easily be able to manage as your practice grows. At the end of the contract, you’ll have the option to upgrade to a Private Office at a discounted rate (subject to availability).

What is the contract term?

Lawyers starting practices are nervous about making a long-term financial commitment. We’ve been there too. The contract is for one year, but you’ll have the right to terminate the contract early by giving one month’s advance notice.

What’s better, your Start Up Program or a Virtual Office?

Running your own practice requires learning new skills like accounting, marketing, sales, budgeting and client management. The fastest way to master those skills is to model other successful attorneys.

A virtual office is a very enticing, cost effective office option and it works great for some lawyers. But a virtual office will not provide you with that daily, in-person interaction with other successful attorneys that newly self-employed attorneys benefit from most.

In the many years of running Law Firm Suites, of the dozens of firms we have helped get started, only one lawyer who chose the Start-Up Package failed. All the other attorneys found success that exceeded their expectations.

The same is not true for attorneys who have started law practices with a Virtual Office. While you can still accomplish your goals with a Virtual Office, and many of our newly self-employed attorneys have, it’s been our experience that one-third of these attorneys fail at their attempt to launch a practice. We attribute this to a lack of critical interaction with other attorneys that makes achieving financial stability take too long, forcing the attorney to seek other employment opportunities.

There is very little risk for you to participate in our Start-Up Package as compared to the upside potential. If you find that you can’t afford your rent, you always have the option to terminate the contract early and switch to a Virtual Office, keeping your office address consistent and reducing your office overhead to $99/month. If your practice stabilizes, you can come back into the office. Law Firm Suites was designed to give you that flexibility.

This all being said, the numbers don’t lie.

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