Marketing and Content Marketing for Law Firms

By Law Firm Suites - August 29, 2022
Marketing and Content Marketing for Law Firms

No matter how carefully you search, the promotion channels are the same for all types of businesses, including law firms: search engines, social networks, content marketing, and targeted advertising.

Why do law firms need to use marketing techniques? So it’s elementary. There’s massive competition in this area, and it is necessary to fight literally for each client. However, you have to keep a couple of peculiarities of law firms in mind: their reputation is vital as air, and they usually have monstrous regional competition. 

In this article, you’ll learn how this affects promotion techniques through different marketing channels, including email marketing and referral marketing program.

Search Engines

It is difficult to break into the top for high-frequency queries without a big budget. Therefore, unless you are a lucky representative of mega-lawyering or at least a large regional company, take the following methods to promote your law firm’s website:

  • Offer free legal help. Don’t be afraid to provide a bit of initial consultation. First, someone may become your client, and secondly, it positively affects the search engine promotion: traffic for queries like free legal advice and free legal aid isn’t excessive.
  •  Create an FAQ page. You don’t even have to get questions from visitors to start filling it out: use appropriate software to get started. Find inquiries about your business, and give detailed answers on the site. Then, as site attendance grows, visitors themselves will come to you for help.
  • Promote low- and medium-frequency queries. To collect the keys with low frequency, use Google Keyword Planner. Then group the resulting list of queries according to meaning, so you get a ready-made list of topics for blog articles and maybe even the keys for your services pages. Over time, content that includes these queries will drive traffic to your site.
  • Sign up for aggregator sites. The top of search engines is full of aggregators on queries related to legal services. Since it makes no sense to compete with them, why not join? Register on as many sites as possible and provide detailed information about yourself. That way, you’ll get more references to your company and even backlinks from other sites.
  • Publish cases from your practice. It’s unlikely to attract additional traffic but can positively affect sales. You don’t have to mention names or addresses. Instead, tell people the client’s problem and how you solved it. To get it right, you can use the services of professional writing websites, but before choosing the appropriate one, it’s better to read reviews for essay writing services.
  • Work on your reputation. For a law firm, this is the essential point. So don’t forget to add letters of appreciation, certificates, and positive feedback you receive from clients to your website.

Content Marketing

Firstly, it is worth noting that lawyers’ power lies not in appearance or form but content. Lawyers don’t make suits or perfume, but they write texts. And texts are what help them sell. So it’s vital to your success to sell yourself through the use of great content. After all, to understand whether a lawyer knows a particular field or issue well, it’s enough to read his publication and ask questions about it. 

If you are unsure about your content, it is better to use top essay writing reviews because this issue is significant to promoting your law firm. According to Jon Wuebben, author of “The Power of Content Marketing,” “Getting the Content Right is a seamless one-way ticket to industry dominance.” 

Unfortunately, many specialists probably won’t achieve this and will wonder why. The answer is simple: because they don’t believe in success. The success of content marketing, according to Jon Wuebben, depends on three factors: content, design, and usability. And when using them, a lawyer needs to keep three things in mind:

  1. What kinds of content do you create?
  2. How do you communicate your content to consumers and potential clients?
  3. How do you maintain your content?

As for the content itself, there are three types of it:

  1. Content on your website online.
  2. Content used for lead generation.
  3. Content posted off your website, i.e., content posted on social media.

And only by working carefully with these elements will you lead the law firm to success. Also, Wuebben claims that a blog is a crucial tool for content promotion. You can use the Trust My Paper writing review service to learn more about creating a blog and not waste time searching for information. But before starting it, take eight steps:

  1. Learn about your clients and their pains.
  2. Develop informative content and distribute it through different channels
  3. Turn off the controls and let your ideas spread.
  4. People share your ideas and links to your content with each other.
  5. People find your content through social media and search engines.
  6. Customers and potential customers begin to rely on your opinions, and that’s the beginning of good relationships.
  7. In your field, you become a trusted solution provider.
  8. Your customers tell other people about you.

It seems simple. However, to do these steps, you need to have patience, as you may face disappointment as clients may not notice you for a long time. Create a strategy to promote your content to avoid disappointments and false expectations. Wuebben emphasizes getting more followers on Twitter, but we recommend considering social media as well since there you can meet many representatives of the legal world. And in the last paragraph of this article, you’ll also learn a little about SMM and targeted advertising.

SMM and Targeted Advertising

It’s better to involve as many channels as possible. It also applies to social networks. So it would help if you got to know how the leading niche communities in social networks work with their audiences. With WEB-Index, you can also get some idea of the audience of social networks, namely, their income and employment. As to the issue of what to post on social media? 

Review new laws related to your niche, post expert opinions on hot topics, share cases and training materials applicable to your audience, and stimulate activity with free consultations and contests. You can also place targeted ads on social networks. Of course, setting up a campaign depends on the area and audience, but these universal tips will come in handy:

  • Determine your audience’s interests. On Facebook and Instagram, you can specify your audience’s interests manually. For example, if you deal with individual bankruptcy, the interests of your audience can be “loans,” “microloans,” and “financial services.”
  • Use lead forms. Experts say that lead-gathering forms bring in more leads at a lower cost than targeted ads with a link to the site.
  • Experiment with headlines and descriptions. If you have a small budget, create ads that contain a keyword query first. Also, don’t forget to change headlines and descriptions to see how it affects conversions.


To successfully promote legal services, you should use all available channels and marketing techniques: SEO, SMM, content marketing, and targeted advertising in search engines and social networks. Naturally, you don’t have to do it all yourself. Today, many advertising agencies can promote your law firm’s services professionally. 

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