How to Use YouTube to Market your Law Firm with Videos

By Law Firm Suites - June 20, 2022
How to Use YouTube to Market your Law Firm with Videos

Consider taking advantage of YouTube, the Internet’s number two search engine, to market a law firm with video.

Here’s a tip for increasing your rank in Google search results by taking advantage of the Internet’s second-ranked search engine.  Yes, it’s YouTube!

As you probably know, YouTube is owned by Google. With recent changes to its search algorithm, Google gives “extra credit” to websites that have YouTube video embedded in the site. The end result is higher search rankings for your firm.

With rapidly advancing technology, YouTube has become an easy and powerful way to market a law firm with video.

YouTube is a gold mine for reaching prospective clients.

Ken Hardison, President of Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing & Management Association (PILMMA), decided to make a video for his website detailing just how easy video marketing can be.

Ken says, “Whether you know it or not, YouTube is the second most active search engine there is in the world, right behind Google. So if you’re not taking advantage of this tool to get you on the front page of Google, you’re making a big, big mistake.”

In addition to prospective clients finding you easier with higher search rankings, it gives you an opportunity to nurture prospective clients into paying ones by demonstrating your expertise without the client making a big up front commitment.

Create a “Frequently Asked Question” script based on a recent client matter.

Ken suggests creating a video in the “frequently asked questions” style to speak directly to potential clients. Think about the cases that you most commonly take. What questions do these clients have?  What sort of issues do they run into before they call you?

Make a list of some recent cases that are especially good examples of the brand of law that you practice.  Now summarize those cases, removing client names and personal information. By selecting several similar cases and combining them into one “example” case, you’ll run less risk of exposing clients’ personal details.

Plan your message carefully.

Jot down a script for yourself covering all the topics you want to cover in your video. Best practice is to always work off a script when recording video. Make sure that you include a welcome phrase at the beginning in which you explain who you are, the name of your law firm, where you practice, and what types of cases you focus on.

Give a little teaser as to what this video will contain. Use keywords that your clients will be looking for.  If you’re a personal injury lawyer, use the phrases “personal injury,” “liability,” and “compensation.” Use synonyms so that you’re not just saying “lawyer,” you’re also saying “attorney,” and “law firm.”

Be the expert your clients want to see.

Keep the summary of your example case simple and straightforward. You’ll be talking directly to your potential clients, so keep the tone of the conversation exactly as you would handle an intake meeting.

The trick is to come across as an expert in your field without overwhelming your viewers.

At the end of the video, thank the viewer for watching and give clear instructions for how to find more of you online.

Ken does a great job by saying, “If you want more tips like this, just sign up on the bar on your right here and just put your name and email address and we’ll send you a weekly bright idea to help market your law firm.”

That’s the sort of welcoming, easy to understand message that will get you repeat viewers. And the more views you have, the higher you’ll climb in Google’s search rankings.

Tips for shooting a video.

Once you know what you plan to say, film yourself and upload the video to YouTube.

Shooting a video can be done quickly and efficiently with the webcam on your computer or PDA. But shooting better quality HD videos doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

At Law Firm Suites, adding video as part of our content mix is something we’ve been working on. Here are links to sites that we’ve found useful:

  • LifeHacker – one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly videos on how to plan, shoot and edit a web video, including what equipment to purchase.
  • Indie-Mogul – this is an awesome YouTube channel packed full of do-it-yourself tips and ideas.  To date, we have built a lighting rig and teleprompter using their plans.
  • HubSpot How to write a Video Script Template + Video – HubSpot is the king of useful marketing tips. This blog article gives 3 steps to writing a great video script.  Incidentally, one point of contention with their advice, if you use a laptop as a teleprompter, position it as close to the camera as possible, and make sure you shoot from at least 15 feet away. Any closer and it will look like you have crazy eyes because you will not be looking directly into the camera (a teleprompter resolves these issues, and you can make one using Indie Mogul’s design for as little as $35).

When filming, relax and try a few takes. Speak as if you’re explaining this to a client in your office. Try talking to someone else in the room or have everyone leave the room, whichever makes you most comfortable. It’s okay if you make a few mistakes; the tone should be conversational.

Upload your video and embed it on your website.

When you have a take you like, upload the video to YouTube. You will have to create an account if you don’t already have one. When you upload the video, include a description with all of your keywords and links to your website and other social media pages. Once the video is uploaded, you’ll be able to easily embed it directly onto your website.

One of the best things about using YouTube for marketing is the informational metrics you’ll have access to. Check the view counts on your videos and where they’re coming from so that you can create additional videos that cater to the search terms viewers are using to find you.

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