Top 10 Branding Articles for You and Your Firm

By Law Firm Suites - April 17, 2022
Top 10 Branding Articles for You and Your Firm

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Law Firm Suites provides weekly blog content to help aspiring and established solo attorneys and small law firms alike. On this blog, we have gathered the top 10 articles on successful branding for you and your law firm. Continue reading and see the benefit of this content.

5 Key Elements For Your Personal Branding As A Solo Attorney

A personal brand is an original combination of skills that makes you who you are while giving you a chance to stand out. It is the way you present yourself to the whole world. Effective personal branding will differentiate you from your competition and build trust with potential clients. Nobody is exempt today from personal branding—not even doctors, bankers, financial planners, and certainly not lawyers. Many attorneys believe they don’t need personal branding because a law firm already has its own brand identity. Although they should think of their branding, the solo attorney must think of it more.

Free Small Business Branding And Promotion Tips For Your Law Firm

As a small business owner, it can be challenging to run your business and get your brand’s name out there into the world! Lawyers are no exception. And what’s worse is that many small business owners believe they need to have a huge budget available to run paid advertisements on all the most popular social media platforms. Fortunately, this isn’t true! There are many ways you can brand your small business or law practice and increase brand awareness without spending a single dollar!

A Guide to Personal Branding: Determining Your Law Firm’s Core Values

I’ve been speaking with other lawyers about branding lately. The one thing that keeps coming up is core values. I personally believe you can’t build a personal brand without first determining those values. What are Core Values? Core values are the essence of your firm’s identity. It’s a combination of your principles, beliefs, philosophy and values. They guide your firm’s actions and provide the framework for how your firm engages with employees, customers and competitors.

5 Branding Tips For Solo Attorneys From Unlikely Sources

The occupation of “lawyer” is often glamorized in movies and television when in reality, it’s a difficult job that not many can do right. You have to have somewhat of a finesse to handle the job. However, in today’s market it can be difficult for solo attorneys to demonstrate their unique value to potential clients. Differentiating yourself is key to the success of your practice. This is where branding comes in.

How To Brand Your Legal Startup?

Branding is the act of storytelling. It is a strategic effort that creates a certain kind of image and perception of your brand into people’s minds.  Human beings are always forming impressions and opinions about things that they come across. Branding is taking charge of this phenomenon and ensuring that you have a say in how people perceive your brand.

5 Ways Lawyers Can Build Strong Brand Loyalty With Their Clients

Brand loyalty is imperative when it comes to the growth of your law firm, and as you would assume that makes it pretty tough to nurture and establish. According to studies, it is always cheaper to retain and reconvert exciting clients versus going out and getting new ones. But clients today are plugged into the world around them, instantly aware of your competition and the potential incentives they might be offering. While every lawyer wants to build the next legal empire or grow their practice year-over-year, most don’t realize how much it costs in time and money to get there.

3 Tips for Creating a Memorable Law Firm Brand [Infographic]

When it comes to branding, your law firm’s visual identity and first impression may be the most important part. The design elements of your brand include logos, fonts, and colors, all meant to highlight your law firm’s intrinsic values. And that is important to remember because brand association keeps old customers coming back; 60 percent of consumers will prefer to shop from brands they already know, according to media researcher Nielsen.

Easy Tips On How To Grow and Strengthen Your Firm’s Brand Instantly

Whenever a setback in business occurs, whether it be from the pandemic or anything else, you’re probably going to be met with fear and downtime. However, when you get to the other side of that type of situation, you’re going to be welcomed back with newly arising opportunities. The opportunities can come in the form of new clients, new market opportunities, or even different or fewer competitors. Right now, solo and small law firms have an opportunity to help others and grow their personal brand at the same time. If you find yourself in a position to help others grow, now is a great time to step up.

Web Design: Digital & Graphic Design Trends of 2021 [Infographic]

Coastal Creative houses a team of design experts who have accurately predicted the top graphic and digital design trends for the last seven years. Yes, SEVEN! The below infographic shows what they predict to be the top eight aesthetic themes to look out for in the coming year. As a solo attorney, your main focus is on acquiring new clients to help move forward in your practice. Understanding that digital marketing is your friend and not your foe is key to reaching your target audience more effectively than just word of mouth campaigns. Knowing and understanding what draws the eye of your potential clients to your website can be overwhelming. And sometimes dealing with trends and spotting design shifts are cumbersome.

5 Small Law Firm Website Mistakes That Make You Look Unprofessional

Check out these small law firm website mistakes to make sure you can fix or avoid them altogether! Whether you’re in the process of creating your firm’s first website or perfecting a current one, it’s not a task you should take lightly. In fact, G2Crowd’s 2019 Small Business Statistics reports that 83% of small business owners with a website feel a competitive advantage to those without one. Your website is probably the most important marketing asset at your disposal. It needs to do so many different things, and do them well, such as brand your firm, educate potential clients, help your firm to rise to the top of search engine rankings, funnel for your potential clients into paying clients, collect leads, and so much more.

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