6 Ways To Get New Criminal Defense Clients For Your Law Firm

By Law Firm Suites - November 11, 2021
6 Ways To Get New Criminal Defense Clients For Your Law Firm

The capacity to get new clients through the door is critical to every law firm’s success. Yet, most tend to overlook the necessity of cultivating a strong brand image and promoting their services through various marketing techniques. 

The legal industry becoming more competitive with each passing year, criminal defense law firms must discover new and innovative methods to interact with local communities to reach their target audiences more convincingly and authentically.

The fact of the matter is that there are tens of thousands of Americans out there in need of a criminal defense lawyer, but how can you draw them in and secure them as clients? Let’s take a deeper dive into the specifics.

How Do Criminal Defenses Get Clients?

There are numerous ways in which criminal defenses acquire clients. First and foremost, the best (and most effective) way to find new clients is through providing excellent service. In the legal industry, your reputation is everything, and there is no better way to secure new clients than through someone hearing about the great work you did and how proficient your firm is at representing its clientele. After all, that’s what people are hiring you for.

How Does Digital Marketing for Criminal Defense Law Firms Work?

Thanks to the rise of the internet and modern technology, criminal defense firms are now depending on digital marketing tactics more than ever before to increase their customer base. The bulk of this strategy entails creating an online presence where people can visit your website and contact you to learn more about your services. It also allows you to grow your online following and gain greater influence in your field through things such as blogging, SEO, PPC adverts, creating social media pages, shooting video content, and engaging with the community. 


6 Ways to Get More Criminal Defense Clients 

With that in mind, let’s look at six ways you can utilize digital marketing to expand your existing client base, as well as the actions you need to take to improve your online presence.

Build a Welcoming Website

First and foremost, you’ll need to create a website before you can even consider any of the other items on our checklist. In the same way that it’s critical to portray oneself properly in court to the judge and jury, the same can be true for your website. Remember that first impressions matter, so devote enough time and money to your website to accurately reflect your firm’s core beliefs and the services you provide. In general, your website should be appealing to the eye while also conveying a message to potential clients. 

Display Authority Through Content

Content is king! Content is the most crucial component of modern digital marketing, especially for firms operating in competitive industries. Suppose you want to position your law firm as the best option for legal representation in your area. In that case, you’ll need content that not only helps you rank higher in Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs) but also provides visitors to your site with useful and impactful information in an easy-to-understand format.

Make Sure You Show Up On Google Maps

How will people find you and come to your office if you aren’t even listed on Google maps? Ensure you take care of the basics by guaranteeing that your firm is easy to find, both in-person and online. 

Garner Online Reviews

Once your website is listed on Google Maps and Google My Business, you can collect client reviews and online testimonials. This is a great way to build “social proof,” which is an excellent tool for building trust and establishing authority within your industry. The truth is, your service is only as good as people say it is, at least when it comes to securing new clients, so make sure you ask your current clients to leave positive reviews about you online whenever you feel it is appropriate. 

Host an Active Blog

As previously said, content is the foundation of digital marketing. While there are other approaches to this endeavor, blogging remains one of the best (and cheapest) options. By addressing some of the most frequently asked queries online, blogging is a wonderful method to show your clients that you’re a competent and qualified lawyer. Focus on a niche in which you have a lot of expertise or are passionate about, and don’t be afraid to show off your legal knowledge and judicial acumen as much as possible.

Have a Social Media Presence

People nowadays spend more time on social media than on conventional media in their pursuit of information. Having a consistent social media presence keeps your message in front of your target audience, improving brand recognition. You may use social media to establish connections with your clients by making small, deliberate attempts to demonstrate your value and commitment to them, which could be the difference between a client choosing your firm over one of your competitors.

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