7 Ways To Use Client Testimonials To Your Advantage

By Law Firm Suites - October 29, 2021
7 Ways To Use Client Testimonials To Your Advantage

Client Testimonials are a great way to pull in more clients and retain your current ones, but how you use them is key. 

Utilizing client testimonials is very beneficial to the advancement of small and solo law firms. Potential clients want to see proof that the work you are doing is actually going to benefit them. And if the clients aren’t coming in as referrals then you have to show viable proof that your firm gets good results. 

There are multiple ways to use client testimonials to your advantage, take a look at some of the top 7 ways. 

Use Only Authentic Testimonials 

Prospective clients need to believe that testimonials are coming from real people and their experiences. You can achieve this by using names, with permission of course, and possibly an image. Also, the more specific the content, the more believable. For example, a comment that says “Great experience” does not have as much weight as something like “John Doe took the time to listen and worked with me to achieve a successful outcome for my case” 

Asking For Testimonials

can be a bit uncomfortable asking your clients to provide testimonials. An easy way to accomplish this is when a customer compliments you or the service provided, ask them if you can put it in writing. This tip can provide you with an abundant supply of material to add to your website which in turn will attract potential clients.

Things To Look Out For

While asking for and using clients’ reviews and testimonials, there are a few things to avoid, especially for lawyers. For example, some rules prohibit things such as payment for endorsements and advertising oneself as a “Specialist”. Check your local Bar Association with regards to Professional Ethics before printing content. 

Use Testimonials As A Marketing Tool

When working on your marketing campaign, think about how you can incorporate your testimonials. Providing your prospective clients with useful content about your firm and first-hand experiences from existing clients can help to secure a new viable lead. Explore how to add these testimonials to all of your marketing platforms.

Building Your Reputation

As a lawyer, you need to gain the trust of your clients so that they feel you are the best person to help them through their situation. Word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways to gain new clients. If someone has a good experience with you, they will tell their friends. Written testimonials work the same way. If you have several people singing your praises, it says something about you. 

Can This Lawyer Help Me?

By answering this question that potential clients will undoubtedly ask, your chance of converting them to clients increases. Choosing the right client to highlight is as important as how you share the information. Sharing a case study is a great way to showcase what you are capable of. First, you need to select the best client to interview, then conduct the interview and get feedback from the client. 

Offer Incentives

We all know that time is a valuable commodity and no one wants to work for free, including your clients. Encouraging referrals from your clients by offering them something in return when you receive a viable lead. It could be a reciprocal referral or gift card as a way of saying thank you.

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  1. Thanks for this article. While I strongly urge you to include testimonials across your site and in other online and offline marketing materials, a page that rounds up all your testimonials or a cross-section of your best ones can be an invaluable asset for both you and your potential customers.

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