Top 10 Articles On The Deal With Meeting Rooms and Shared Spaces

By Law Firm Suites - October 17, 2021
Top 10 Articles On The Deal With Meeting Rooms and Shared Spaces

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Law Firm Suites has amazing blog content designed to help aspire and establish solo attorneys and small law firms. We’ve gathered the top 10 shoptalk articles on the deal with meeting rooms and shared spaces from the Law Firm Suites blog. Take a look and see the benefit of this content.

What You Need To Know About Temporary Meeting Rooms for your Firm

Temporary meeting rooms present an opportunity to utilize services that you may not have in your own office space. The concept of temporary meeting space is simple enough. A company, typically a shared office space, rents out a conference room temporarily. These rooms may be sought out by other companies, law firms, or even individuals. In the case of a temporary meeting room rental, events that take place are typically singular like a seminar or conference. When it comes to law firms, temporary meeting room rentals can serve a variety of purposes.

Temporary Meeting Rooms Give Attorneys A Reason To Be Excited

A temporary meeting room (also known as a conference room rental) is a room type in an executive office center used for meetings, seminars, training events, and so forth. They are typically temporary and their usage is paid for on a need-only basis. For a small firm or solo attorney, a temporary meeting room can be used for many purposes such as Depositions; Real estate and corporate transactional closings; Mediations; Litigation preparation; War room use close to a particular court; and Hosting a networking event.

You Should Know Proper Etiquette When It Comes To Conference Rooms

Having great conference rooms is a key feature in terms of shared office space. Proper etiquette is something you should practice with your suitemates. Conference rooms. Not only are they a good resource for attorneys, but they are also an important part of an attorney’s path to success. A lot of an attorney’s time is spent sitting across a table and conducting meetings, whether it be a consultation, deposition, or closing. When using conference rooms, it is extremely important to demonstrate the best etiquette, especially in a shared space. If you don’t you may be depleting your chances of referral potential indefinitely.

It’s About Time You Rent A Temporary Meeting Room

The reason for renting a temporary meeting room can be plain and simple. The firm or company just does not have access to the necessary space needed to host the particular event. They may not have the space at all or not enough. Many times, it is more cost-effective for a company or law firm to rent temporary space on a one-time or monthly basis than to maintain a similar-sized space under their commercial lease.

5 Reasons Why Your Firm Needs To Be Considering Shared Law Office Space

Whether you’re starting a new practice or currently running a small or solo law firm, it is critically important to spend money wisely and find happy, paying clients. One way to keep expenses down is to use a virtual law office or shared office space with other lawyers. But if you are interested in being in a physical office, and reaping the rewards that come with sharing office space with other lawyers, then a shared law office space is probably right for you. Read on to learn about 5 major benefits of shared law office space for small and solo law firms.

Conference Room Rentals Definitely Have Their Advantage

Needing a space to do business can happen at a moment’s notice with attorneys. Sometimes your office may not have the space to do it. If it is only for temporary needs, leveraging a conference room rental in an executive center can reduce the overhead costs as opposed to acquiring a space that won’t always be used. Certain events like depositions and closings are not long-term, therefore seeking out a conference room rental may be the most suitable option.

5 Awesome Ways to Turn Your Virtual Team Meeting Into Success

The use of telecommuting and virtual meetings has become more relevant over the past year. With the introduction of new technologies and shared computer screens, team members can communicate with each other and with their clients while being in multiple places. Companies and employees have reduced overhead, excessive fees, and travel time by working virtually from home offices.

3 Ways to Make Your Virtual Consultations More Enjoyable and Productive

A lot of lawyers are spending more time in virtual consultations versus in-person ones, and odds are this won’t change for a while. Since we are in this new form of normal, it is going to be worth your while to ensure these virtual meetings are more enjoyable and productive for everyone. Virtual consultations, whether they are via a video chat or conference call are mentally draining. Likely because most are not well executed or engaging.

4 Ways a Law Office in a Shared Space Will Revive Your Practice

Running a law practice is a journey with many peaks and valleys. There are times when you can’t seem to make anything work in your favor and your success starts to stagnate. You begin to realize you need to make a change to rebuild your momentum. Matrimonial and family law attorney, Anne McCarthy, ran her solo practice out of her home for years but felt she needed to try something different to continue the success of her business. The support system she gained from other lawyers in her shared space breathed new life into her practice.

Culture Clash: Pitfall of a Multi-Professional Shared Office Space

Attorneys is a very specific type of professional that is meant to adhere to specific ethics and codes of conduct. If these guidelines are not followed, loss of license as an attorney can likely result. Messing up as an attorney is not an option. The work habits of an attorney reflect this truth. If you ever take notice, attorneys require long hours, privacy, quiet time, and so forth. This is imperative as what is being handled may be incredibly sensitive.

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