Types of Tech Tools to Help Lawyers Set Up Virtual Offices for Productive Work and Study

By Law Firm Suites - September 30, 2021
Types of Tech Tools to Help Lawyers Set Up Virtual Offices for Productive Work and Study

Incorporating tech tools into your legal practice will increase your productivity for not just your psychical office but your virtual one as well. 

Many of us learned to work remotely over the last year, but a lot of young professionals still need help setting up their virtual offices and turning their working routine into an effective system that operates like clockwork. 

While some professionals simply require a computer and fast internet connection to perform their work duties, lawyers often have much more complicated needs when it comes to creating a well-functioning virtual office. Today we will discuss the best tools they can use to set up a highly operational virtual workspace, making it as convenient and efficient as possible.

8 Virtual Office-Friendly Tool Types Lawyers Use

Although different lawyers have varying needs, there are some programs and equipment that the majority of them would find extremely helpful. Here is our brief overview of tool types you can use in your virtual office.

1. Document management tools.

Tools like this are a must for any lawyer. The more documents you have, the harder it is to find a specific one, organize them into categories, or otherwise optimize their storage. If you attempt to create some sort of system manually and file your documents according to it, you will spend many hours making it, as well as be forced to update it by hand. Thankfully, there are many digital document management solutions like Worldox you can try.

2. Research tools.

Legal data is abundant and can be very dynamic, so doing research manually is a slow, tedious, and not very resultative ordeal. Hours you waste on simply looking up laws or articles can be spent more effectively. Try research tools such as Casetext to speed up your research process and make it more efficient.

3. Online faxing tools.

Even when working virtually, there is still an occasional need to physically transfer documentation. Faxing has always been the fastest and easiest way to physically share data, and it’s still largely used by lawyers globally. Try online faxing with Nextiva vFax.

4. Scanning tools.

Any job that includes closely working with documents usually requires the ability to scan them. Fast and easy scanning is crucial for lawyers, as it allows creating digital copies of important materials and easily transferring them. Try scanning tools like Brother ADS-1250W for your practice.

5. Live chat tools.

With the surge of remote work and digital offices, being able to personally connect with people without interacting physically became a necessity. Live chat tools can help lawyers communicate with clients from anywhere. Try LiveChat and optimize your remote interactions.

6. Word processing tools.

Lawyers need to work with textual files all the time. Services such as Google Docs can make creating, editing, or otherwise manipulating files easy. Tools like these allow you to work with files on your own or as a group, share them, add elements like images and timetables, and automatically save files.

7. Video conferencing.

While working in a virtual office, lawyers need to find a way to stay connected with their colleagues, partners, or clients. Sometimes it is needed to discuss a matter collectively, and there is no better solution for it than video conferencing. You can try GoToMeeting or any other similar tool – it will have all the functionality you need to have a digital conference.

8. Cloud storage solutions.

Storing important data offline is a choice for many, but in our present realities, online storage solutions are more popular. Sometimes the amount of data to be stored exceeds the capabilities of people’s devices, while at other times we fear that our valuable information may be lost or compromised in the case of computer malfunction. All of these issues can be avoided by using cloud storage for your files.

Lawyers indeed deal with a lot of sensitive personal data and confidential information that they fear exposing to online storage systems, but many modern solutions such as Tresorit guarantee secure data storage.

It’s always easier to get things done when you have proper help, either from handy tools, digital solutions, or professional services. If you need any type of translations for tour work, even novelty immunization translations, you can reach out to professional translators and get results in no time.

An Amazing Setup for a Great Lawyer

Having the necessary tools to work effectively can make all the difference between success and failure. Helpful tools come in many forms, but the results they yield will greatly enhance the success you can achieve on your own. We hope that upon reading this article you have a better understanding of different tools you can use to ramp up daily work, create an exemplary virtual office and ultimately advance in your career.


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