Top 10 Articles On Important Things Every Lawyer Should Know

By Law Firm Suites - August 22, 2021
Top 10 Articles On Important Things Every Lawyer Should Know

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Law Firm Suites has amazing blog content designed to help aspire and establish solo attorneys and small law firms. We’ve gathered the top 10 shoptalk articles on important things lawyers should know from the Law Firm Suites blog. Take a look and see the benefit of this content.

3 Lessons Solo Lawyers Can Learn From Steve Jobs

An unlikely insider gives his insight into the business ethos that made Apple founder and visionary genius Steve Jobs such a huge success (and why solos can benefit from it). Whenever Apple founder Steve Jobs’ success is discussed, it’s often by C-level business colleagues or technology journalists. The world recently got a rare glimpse into the business mind of Jobs from an unusual and authentic source: his photographer. Doug Menuez photographed Jobs from 1986 – 1988 during the development and launch of Jobs’ company NeXT, Inc., and got an intimate glimpse into the personal and professional life of the visionary genius from a fly-on-the-wall perspective.

Mastermind Groups: How They Help Solo Lawyers

What are you trying to accomplish in your law practice this year? Do you want to increase your cash reserves? Maybe you want to find a more reliable source or consistent referrals? Perhaps you want to hire a staff member (or two)? What if you could increase the probability of achieving those goals, do it with less stress, and be able to easily solve the challenges that will get in your way, simply by attending a meeting of your peers for an hour a month? Oh, and by the way, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll see a referral or two.

Jury Duty Phone Scam Targeting Solo Lawyers

Latest scam targeting solos tries to bilk lawyers for “missing jury duty.” Learn how a family law attorney narrowly avoided falling victim to the hoax. If someone threatened to arrest you, would you be able to stay calm and ask questions or would you jump at the opportunity to do whatever it took to take care of the situation? This is the basis of a scam that is sweeping across multiple cities.

9 Reasons Why Solo Lawyers Should Be Blogging

Marketing experts prod you about it. You’ve seen your competitors working at it. You probably know that you should be doing it. But you haven’t quite made the commitment to blogging. Recently, Legal Productivity asked 23 prominent legal bloggers why blogging is important to them. The participants included long-term legal bloggers like Susan Cartier Liebel of Solo Practice University, and David Lat, founder of Above the Law. Interestingly, while many bloggers explained that they originally got into blogging for business development reasons, and many explained that it is a nice by-product of blogging, that’s not what ultimately keeps them writing.

Social Media Marketing Tips For Solo Attorneys

There was a time when the idea of marketing law practices on social media was a bit inconceivable, even among lawyers themselves. Then again, you can’t blame a criminal defense attorney or any legal practitioner for not taking social media seriously back then. After all, in its earliest days, social media was more geared towards touching base with family and old, long-lost friends, not a business. Times have changed, though. Social media is now an indispensable and extremely potent business tool, with over 3.6 billion users worldwide as of 2020.

So You Want To Start Your Own Solo Law Firm?

Did you know that 20% of small businesses do not make it past their first year — and nearly 50% will close their doors before their five-year anniversary? Solo and small law firms fall under this same shocking statistic. Nonetheless, eager entrepreneurial lawyers regularly take the plunge in order to follow the American Dream of owning their own firm and being their own boss. If you are thinking about blazing your own path, despite the odds, you are not alone. Law practice is a business and a profession. To start your own law firm successfully, you must agree to see it as both.

Leaving A Firm and Going Solo: Advice On How To Succeed As A New Solo

Running your own law firm is a daunting task, but these tips can help you build a mindset that will lead to success! Don’t assume that owning your own solo law firm is something mythical or impossible because it isn’t. Yes, it is very different from being an associate or partner working in someone else’s firm, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue the idea of being a solo practitioner. If you’ve delayed starting your own solo venture because you can’t quite figure out how to make the mental leap from employee to owner, this article is for you. Here is what is necessary to get into the right mindset.

3 Obstacles That Come With Being A Young Solo Lawyer and How To Overcome Them

Being a solo lawyer of any age is very difficult. There are constant challenges, rejections, and hardships. Plus, as a solo lawyer, everything falls on you. It has also been called the three-headed monster: servicing client matters, dealing with firm admin, and finding time for marketing. These are challenges that all solo lawyers face, but they can be especially difficult for young solos in particular. If these obstacles are not confronted, they could limit the success and growth of your solo practice. On the other hand, if they are tackled head-on, they can actually be turned into opportunities. Follow the rest of this article to learn about three of the obstacles that can plague young solo lawyers and how to overcome them.

How To Build A Marketing Plan For Your Solo Or Small Law Firm [Infographic]

If your goal is to grow your solo or small law firm then you are going to need an effective marketing plan. A small or solo firm’s marketing plan plays a critical role in the success of the practice. Law firms that have a clear marketing plan will continue to grow and meet their objectives, while those with a poor marketing plan get stuck in survival mode wondering why they are not seeing much momentum.

Know The Characteristics Among The Best Solo Law Firm Mentors

Find a great mentor that will help you build and maintain a successful solo law firm for years to come. Solo practice is a very different animal than working within a law firm. When you work within someone else’s structure, there is sociability that accompanies your paycheck. But when you’re a solo or small firm lawyer, those casual conversations and helpful tokens advice can be hard to come by. Therefore, one of the most impactful relationships that you can grow is one with a smart and experienced mentor. 


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