5 Creative Ideas For Law Firm Website Design In 2021

By Law Firm Suites - August 5, 2021
5 Creative Ideas For Law Firm Website Design In 2021

The legal profession is a very competitive one. Your competition is constantly looking for a way to stand out from the crowd to make more revenue gains. Technological advancements and the need to be online have made having a website very important. 

If you want to stand out among a crowd of highly competent professionals in this niche, you need to have an outstanding law firm website design. 

Website visitors spend an average of 15 minutes on a site when they are consuming its content, and many of them stay so long because it has a beautiful design. So, you can’t deny the role of having a beautiful and creative website design in 2021. 

According to an assignment writing service, the outlook of your website will go a long way to determine if you’re able to attract visitors. You need something to attract and retain their interest, so creativity is essential.

Here are some creative ideas that law firm websites can adopt for 2021. 

Don’t Use Sliders 

The use of sliders for websites is common for whatever reasons, but it isn’t the best. For your law firm website design, the use of sliders is unnecessary. It does more harm to your website than good. Sliders are not mobile-friendly, and they can slow your website down. Instead of hiding your message in slides, you can use a strong image to make a statement and pass your message across. In the end, they might not even get the message that you’re passing in slides because they don’t have time to wait and watch each slide. 

Choose The Right Color

Few things are as important as color when dealing with designs and creative ideas for websites. Color has its science, which you must take note of when deciding which one to use. If you choose the right color, you could enhance the overall message of your brand. So, you are not just choosing any color; you have to be creative about it. 

Robert Moon, an author who writes assignment writing help for bestcustomessay.org, states that flat designs are becoming very popular, making the choice of color more critical. Once you have your dominant color, you have to be consistent with it, so it’s essential to pick the right one. 

Make Good Use Of Whitespaces

Whitespaces are essential for any website, not to mention a law firm website. Every lawyer knows that details are critical and can’t be toyed with. One thing they would want to avoid on their website is an overload of information. This is why whitespaces are crucial in-between content and images to keep the website tidy and clean. 

You know you don’t have to mention all your specialties and practice areas when branding your website. You only have to provide as much clarity and information as the clients need. They are not asking for minutiae. 

Include Reviews And Testimonials On Your Website

We are in an age where word-of-mouth recommendations have now become very popular through reviews. Many people testify to reading through reviews before patronizing a business. It has become commonplace, and like thesis writing services, you can use this to your advantage.  

You can easily convert prospects into paying customers with the help of reviews. By all means, show off the positive reviews that you have on different social platforms such as Google, Avvo, Yelp, etc., by incorporating as much as you can on your website. Do the same for your testimonials as well.

One thing that testimonials do when used properly is to give a business more credibility and make other people place their trust in your firm. Be intentional about the way you use these reviews and testimonials. Wear them like a badge of honor on your website. 

Let Your Photographs Tell A Story

You have to be a big thinker when your banner image is involved. The image or photograph that you use is more critical than many firms like to give credit for. This image gives you a unique opportunity to tell a story that can captivate your website users and win them over to your firm. 

Law firms tend to settle several stock photos for, such as a crime scene photo, courthouse steps, city landscapes, a gavel, etc. However, these images don’t help promote your brand or tell a captivating story about you. It’s almost too cliché, so you should avoid images like these at all costs. Before you settle for a picture, think about your goals and customers. What do your site visitors want on your website? Is there a photo to help or support them?


The creative elements of a website are one of the major components for the success of the website. It will help if you take advantage of these creative elements to support your website and business’s goal. If you can do this, you will be more effective in attracting people to your website and getting them to patronize you or converting them into customers.


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