7 MORE Apps You Can Use For Virtual Meetings

By Law Firm Suites - May 21, 2021
7 MORE Apps You Can Use For Virtual Meetings

Over the last year, virtual meetings are becoming an essential part of our work culture. The need to remotely connect to our employees, existing and potential clients, is key to maintaining and building relationships. 

Last week we touched on 7 applications that will make hosting virtual meetings easy and productive so this week we decided to follow up with another list of 7 applications that may fit your firm’s needs. 


Google Meet was originally developed as a virtual meeting platform for the company’s enterprise customers. Google decided to offer Meet as a secure alternative to Zoom during the pandemic. With GoogleMeet you can host meetings of up to 250 participants. The platform also offers unique additions like live captions and anti-abuse features. If data security is a priority for your business, then Meet is right for you, as long as everyone has a Google Account.

Learn more about GoogleMeet.


Security awareness is Jami’s biggest asset. Jami’s signature peer-to-peer and end-to-end encryption your team feeling safe about the happenings of their meeting. Data travels quickly and securely through Jami without passing through servers, thus improving the video experience and continuous service. Hosting meeting small meetings are ideal for Jami users, developers have hosted meetings with up to 16 attendees. A larger meeting can be set up but you must be on a strong enough network to fully utilize the app. 

Learn more about Jami.

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is an open-source platform option where you can customize your virtual meeting.  This app offers endless possibilities for you and your team to hold virtual meetings, online conferences, and more. Their secure and strong encryption software requires you to register or limit the number of people you can invite to meetings. This platform is free to use. 

Learn more about Jitsi Meet.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is another online meeting software originally intended for businesses. Webex’s free plan allows you to host virtual meetings or games with up to 100 people for any duration. This feature contrasts with Zoom, which limits your meeting time to 40 minutes if three or more people are in your meeting. Therefore, by choosing Webex, you won’t have to worry about your next online meeting time limits.

Learn more about Cisco Webex.


Lifesize’s free account lets you hold unlimited online meetings with up to 25 people each. This virtual conferencing software is a great alternative for teams seeking high-quality 4K video, numerous integrations, and a secure experience. Just like Zoom, once your account is set up you can share a link to meeting attendees.

Learn more about LifeSize.


One of the most unique apps you can use is ReadyTalk.  This video conferencing and webinar tool allow teams access to audio, web, and video meetings. Ideal for large online presentations, webcast streaming, and even move your business’s entire phone system into the application.

Learn more about ReadyTalk.


The most simple of the online meeting software would have to be Talky because it does not require any downloads. This platform is probably the simplest of all the virtual meeting platforms. It only has two features; locked rooms and screen sharing. The site generates a unique room URL, which you share with your team. Talky only allows for up to six people per room, making it an ideal choice for small virtual meetings or conference calls.

Learn more about Talky.


If you found this list useful, look at last week’s article to see additional apps you can utilize for virtual meetings.


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