6 Ways To Use Storytelling To Attract New Clients

By Law Firm Suites - April 22, 2021
6 Ways To Use Storytelling To Attract New Clients

Having a compelling brand voice is necessary for most businesses, even law firms. Success stories persuade people like nothing else. Potential clients like to hear stories about your legal battles. You’ve worked hard to win them, so why not advertise your skills? Storytelling makes customers feel safe and informed. A well-designed content strategy can make you stand out from the competition. 

Briefly, your storytelling content should cover: 

  • Your company’s experience
  • Industry-specific expertise
  • Customer service superiority  
  • Proven results from past clients

The easiest way to organize your content strategy is through a website. You can write blog posts where you describe cases, researched statistics, and other informational material. A great website inspires trust and converts potential clients. Think about it; there are hundreds of attorneys in your town. How can you demonstrate you’re better than them? The most critical battle isn’t in the courtroom, but rather in the marketing department. More precisely, through storytelling marketing.     

Create An Emotional Connection

Using storytelling allows you to connect and engage with your clients in a personal way. Emotional connection is a decisive factor, especially for Millennials and Gen X clients. It’s important to convey that your law firm has ethical values. Studies show that 87% of people would buy a product solely on brand values. That’s because clients want to associate themselves with a company that “stands for something.”

Emotional Hook

An “emotional hook” is a term describing a client secured by tapping in into his emotions. After being exposed to your company’s values, the client becomes persuaded by your ethics. He then becomes “hooked” and searches for more information on your site.

For instance, if you’re an employment attorney, try to support your client through your personal experiences handling cases like this. If you’re a bankruptcy lawyer, explain how your past clients felt after getting rid of all their debts and freeing up their finances. It is possible to use past client experiences to get your point across without crossing confidentially lines. 

Know Your Audience 

A law firm has to know its primary audience. It is important to identify demographics, interest points, core values, and more, so write it all down and develop an in-depth analysis. Once you have a clear picture, you can create your content marketing strategy. 

Devise your marketing plan according to your audience. Present solutions relevant to your community’s problems. For instance, lower prices are fundamental for disadvantaged families. A faster legal process may be a better selling point to affluent neighborhoods. Tailor your message to fit the context. 

Marketing Foundation

Your brand message isn’t just for locals; It’s for the entire world. Consider establishing a broader marketing dialogue on social media and other law websites. Use your fresh narrative to increase traffic and improve conversions. Creative content can do wonders for your engagement objectives. 

Make Your Story Compelling 

There are quite a few ways to present your story. You can choose a multiple-act structure that highlights the chapters of your legal battle. Alternatively, you could deploy a compare-and-contrast strategy between you and your competitors. Finally, you can present a story in reverse, starting from success to the initial problems.  

Include These Elements 

The content’s structure is up to you. You must transmit emotion and captivate your audience. However, every storytelling strategy should include four fundamental elements:

  • Your business’s background 
  • The protagonists of your story
  • Challenges and problems faced
  • The ultimate success of your client

Focus On The “Why” Above All 

Competition is fierce, and services from different firms seem alike. That’s where you have to step in with the “why” question. Why should your clients choose you instead of another? Because you can build trust through a direct message. 

Consider creating a video about your key “why” questions. For instance, a personal injury lawyer can start by saying that his only objective in life is to help car crash victims. He could also relate to an incident in his family and how it motivated him to become an attorney. 

No matter the story, it’s essential to convey trust. Three elements influence consumer perception:

  • Label familiarity 
  • Product/service satisfaction 
  • Brand trust

Quality Above Quantity

Your marketing strategy is a mirror to your firm. So, keep the quality high and don’t sound sales-forward. Around 62% of clients will develop a negative impression after watching a low-quality video on your website. More so, conversion rates are skyrocketing when the videos are of high quality — sort of like a business card. If you’re on a tight budget, invest in single projects and bring them to fruition. Remember, less is more.    

Use Real, Non-paid Testimonials 

Endorsements and reviews are age-old tools of marketing. Market research found that 89% of individuals trust testimonials more than other review forms. 

Whether it’s a student looking for college homework help or an adult seeking a divorce attorney, everybody checks testimonials. And what better way to attract new clients than credible testimonials from past court cases. However, it’s crucial to deploy credible endorsements. Otherwise, you risk being counterproductive. 


Storytelling is an excellent way for solo and small law firms to stand out. It’s essential to establish an emotional connection with your audience. Also, maintaining credibility is equally important. The content should be of the highest quality and persuasive. Focus on why your clients should choose you instead of their competition. Lastly, consider using genuine testimonials.  


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