Top 10 Articles on Finances, Small Law Firms & Productivity

By Law Firm Suites - November 29, 2020
Top 10 Articles on Finances, Small Law Firms & Productivity

Check out Law Firm Suites’ top-performing blog articles on financial stability, small law firms, and how to Manage productivity!

Law firm Suites has a ton of amazing blog content designed to help, to aspire and to established solo attorneys and small law firms. Take a look and see what interests you!

How To Offer Payment Plans And Actually Get Paid

One of the most effective things a solo can do is know their worth and stay firm on their fees. If you don’t value yourself, clients won’t either. This is a lesson Joleena Louis learned quickly after opening her practice. In this week’s edition of Things, I Wish I Knew, solo lawyer Joleena Louis gives her tops tips for offering payment plans to potential clients.

Earning More While Working Less: 3 Things I’ve Automated In My Law Practice

Since becoming a solo lawyer, Joleena Louis has been looking for ways to get more done with less input. Her ultimate goal was for her practice to run smoothly while she laid on a beach somewhere. Her firm isn’t there yet, but she has figured out a few ways to automate certain areas of her practice so she can save time, money, and most importantly, her sanity. In this week’s edition of Things, I Wish I Knew, NY divorce lawyer Joleena Louis shares how she is automating her practice, helping her to earn more while working less.

How to Run a Law Practice on Less Than $400 Per Month

Starting your law practice is a huge, life-changing, and exciting move. Once you finally feel ready to fulfill your dream of becoming your own boss it’s time for the planning process to begin. Intellectual property and litigation attorney, Arthur Spence, shares how he manages his solo law practice on a shoestring budget of $400 per month.

Money Management: 8 Tips to Benefit Your Solo Law Firm’s Bottom Line

Money is a precious commodity for any attorney, and even more so when you are a solo attorney just starting out. Finances often spawn worrying questions that can keep a solo attorney up at night. These great money management tips will help you avoid being surprised when you look at your bank account balance.

Putting the “Service” Back into Public Service, and Keeping it Profitable

Principal attorney, Jason Huf of Jason Huf  International, P.C. was asked to elaborate on situations wherein a monthly fee arrangement could be successfully offered at the beginning of an attorney-client relationship. Here’s what he had to say about that topic. 

Why Money Alone Wasn’t Enough To Achieve Success as a Solo

If money is your only motivation, you’re not going to be successful as a solo attorney. Lawyers whose motivation, or why, is based on their clients, their passion for their practice area, or their challenging cases always seem to be the happiest. The least satisfied attorneys are typically those who practice a certain area of law simply because the money is good. In this week’s edition of Things, I Wish I Knew, Joleena Louis discusses how focusing on the “why” helped her accelerate the success of her practice.

5 Tips On Moving Your Law Office With Minimal Disruption

Moving your office is about as pleasurable as paying your taxes. Most likely, you barely have enough staff to handle your current caseload, never mind all the additional responsibilities that will come with the move. That being said, it is obvious that moving your firm to a new office can be a daunting task. Follow these five pieces of advice to help your firm move offices quickly and will as few headaches as possible.

6 Habits Of Successful Law Firm’s

There is no guidebook, secret recipe, or shortcut that will instantly make your law firm successful or allow you to dominate your local legal market. It takes a large amount of hard work, time, and dedication to see your practice thrive. Essentially, if you can create a series of habits that emphasize these characteristics, then sooner or later your practice will take off and will be successful. Discover which habits have helped them along the way.

4 Virtual Law Office Software Programs That Increase Productivity

Running a virtual law office can make it challenging to stay organized, but with the right virtual law office software you can increase productivity and keep up with the competition. Using virtual law office software has many benefits, such as being cost-effective and helping to manage work-life balance. With reliable internet access, you can run your practice from virtually anywhere. Virtual law office software can save you time and money while keeping client information secure.

5 Tips To Achieving Work-Life Balance and Avoiding Burnout

Everything’s going great at work. You’re operating on all cylinders, moving quickly. You’re saying yes to everything, taking on all the projects, and it seems like nothing can stop you. Until one day, it hits you like a ton of bricks. Exhaustion and stress prevail, and you’re completely fried. Let me introduce you to burnout and a poor work-life balance. Improve your work-life balance and avoid burning out by following these 5 tips!

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