7 Ways Law Firms and Professional Services Have Adapted to Survive Covid-19

By Law Firm Suites - November 27, 2020
7 Ways Law Firms and Professional Services Have Adapted to Survive Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic turned the whole world upside down, so it’s natural to see it disrupting law firms and professional services as well.  The problem affected everyone – companies, individuals, and state institutions – and law firms had to react by implementing a series of new or alternative work models.

According to the report, the majority of legal professional respondents agreed that COVID-19 would have a lasting impact on the way law firms would operate. Now, the big question is: How can professional services and law companies adapt to survive the COVID-19 pandemic?

Law Firms had to be creative and use state of the art technologies to keep their services alive and kicking. In this article, we are going to discuss the most important improvisation methods that helped law firms make it through the harsh period of 2020. 

Law Firms Are Not Too Affected By Physical Distancing

Unlike the entire hospitality industry, law firms can quickly switch to online work and get the job done in a virtual environment just as efficiently. That’s a huge benefit and it makes law-related organizations a lot more resilient than companies in other niches. 

Taking Advantage Of Digital Communication Tools

Similar to the best paper writing services, law firms are also taking advantage of digital communication tools to keep the workflow intact in the age of coronavirus. 

A recent survey shows that as much as 97% of legal practitioners are using video meeting apps to work remotely from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a service-oriented business, a law firm can afford to communicate through digital apps and maintain client relationships remotely.

Turn To Online Events Instead Of In-person Meetings

Law Firms live and breathe networking, but organizing in-person meetings and conferences is now close to impossible. This is why law firms are turning to online events where they can host dozens of visitors without health-related risks. Most companies are conducting webinars with lots of learning materials such as video tutorials, briefings, and checklists. 

COVID-19 Gives A Big Boost To Certain Niches 

Some law firms are not only coping with coronavirus issues successfully – they are also growing in this period. How is this possible? The answer is easy – some niches have started receiving a lot more clients in the COVID-19 era. 

We are talking about all services in charge of areas such as restructuring, bankruptcy, litigation, and financial accounting. It turns out that investigation practices and similar legal activities are in no real relation to the problems caused by a coronavirus. 

Law Firms Embraced Employee Flexibility

A typical law firm would not be able to implement remote work practices without a greater promotion of employee flexibility. Most companies let their staff work from home exclusively, while others combine it with on-premises work. 

This proves to be a superior solution that helps entire organizations function without major interruptions, while employees can still take care of their health, spend more time with their families, and fulfill professional tasks as usual. 

Help Answer New Initiatives

As soon as it became obvious that the pandemic is seriously hurting economies all over the globe, national governments started implementing new initiatives and adopting regulatory frameworks to help their citizens, companies, and organizations. 

This was also the opportunity for professional services to step in and support such initiatives because everyone had to deal with totally new business frameworks all of a sudden. The whole situation forced law firms to work overtime because they had to cope with a plethora of new requests and initiatives.

Law Companies Put A Greater Emphasis On Their Clients

Finally, another thing that helped law companies survive the crisis is the fact that most of them put a greater emphasis on client relationships. Instead of worrying about their problems and neglecting customers, legal professionals spent more time with their clients to support them and provide that much-needed dose of encouragement. 

Unlike many other businesses, law firms and professional services have adapted to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. They proved to be more resilient than most companies, utilizing assistance from cutting-edge communication technologies. Although the coronavirus problem strongly influenced law firms as well, they are still very much alive and ready to keep functioning as usual in the uncertain times ahead of us.




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