Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

By Law Firm Suites - September 27, 2020
Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

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1. The Importance of Knowing Your Clientele

Imagine being fresh out of law school or finally branching off from your position in a large law firm. You are full of dreams and bursting with ambition; desiring to build something that’s yours: A Solo Practice! Knowing your clientele is key when starting a solo practice. By taking the time to learn their behaviors and their specific needs you will be able to offer up services that are tailored to your potential clients. 

2.  3 Ways to Make Your Virtual Consultations More Enjoyable and Productive

A lot of lawyers are spending more time in virtual consultations versus in-person ones, and odds are this won’t change for a while. Since we are in this new form of normal, it is going to be worth your while to ensure these virtual meetings are more enjoyable and productive for everyone. Virtual consultations are a major part of today’s modern law firm, follow these tips to ensure they are more enjoyable and productive for both you and your clients.

3.  How Lawyers Should Ask For Help When They Need It Most

As a lawyer and entrepreneur, you will learn a lot from the failures of others as well as yourself. But that doesn’t mean that you have to fail alone without any guidance or advice from anyone else. Learn about the three different groups of people you should seek out when you and your practice need help.

4.  How Lawyers Can Get The Most Out Of Their Home Office Situation

Working from home is the new normal for a lot of attorneys nationwide. For those new to remote working, we wanted to share some tips lawyers can use to elevate their work-from-home experience. Take a look for yourself, soak up the advice, and start to improve your law firm’s remote working techniques.

5.  9 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Website Needs a Live Chat Feature [Infographic]

Your knowledge of the law is something that a lot of other people don’t have, yet desperately want and need. The easier you make it for you to showcase that knowledge, the more likely you are to build a strong brand and therefore get more clients. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by having a chatbox on your main page, so potential clients can have a quick and direct line to you. Follow this infographic to discover the nine reasons why your law firm needs to be using a live chat right now! 

6.  Building and Improving Your Client Relationships During Downtime

Countless law firms are slowing down their operations while we all work through this new COVID-19 world. Though your operations may be shut down for the short term, you can’t stop building relationships with current clients or seeking out relationships with new ones. How you treat your clients (especially right now!) will become a defining part of your reputation and will impact your practice for years to come. Here are three steps that you can take today to get the ball rolling.

7.  Four Simple Ways To Boost Your Law Firm’s Reputation

Your law firm’s reputation matters more than you know, both online and via word of mouth. The average potential client is going to do their research on you and will want to see a fair amount of positive ratings before they even think of reaching out to you. A bad reputation will drag your firm down to a place where you won’t ever succeed. While nobody can build an ironclad reputation overnight, these tips will certainly point you in the right direction

8.  Time Management Tips For Lawyers in 2020

Time is the most valuable resource that lawyers possess. Therefore, how you manage it is crucial to the success of your practice. Starting a law firm certainly requires a great deal of time, but what’s more important is how you spend that time. Proper time management is a skill that every lawyer must learn if they hope to be successful. This article will help you get started!

9.  Tips To Consider When Hiring Remote Workers For Your Law Firm

It is one thing for you yourself to work from home, it’s a whole nother animal when it comes to hiring staff members that plan to work from home full-time as well. If you’re able to identify and hire the right remote candidates then your practice will be on the right path to grow and succeed. This article will show you useful tips on making the right call in your hiring process.

10.  6 Phrases You’ll Never Hear From Successful Lawyers

Lawyers respect competence in others, which means they are most likely insecure about sounding incompetent to their clients and peers. That’s why it is so important for you to realize the power of your thoughts and the things you say to yourself and others. Building a successful law firm is no small feat, which is why you won’t hear these phrases from the ones that have already done it. 

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