7 Best Articles for Improving Your Law Firm’s Virtual Meetings

By Law Firm Suites - July 31, 2020
7 Best Articles for Improving Your Law Firm’s Virtual Meetings

Use these great resources to help you to host more productive and enjoyable virtual meetings with your clients and peers.

For many lawyers, phone and video chat consultations have been apart of their sales arsenal for years. However, now more than ever, lawyers are turning to these technological solutions to keep their practice moving, without having to physically meet their clients or potential clients in person. These articles can help ensure you’re getting the most out of them!

1.  How To Improve Your Law Firm’s Virtual Consultation Techniques

Selling your services and practice is not an easy thing to do, especially when you now have to do it via a zoom call. Use this guide as a refresher checklist, an outline, and a roadmap to restructure your law firm’s virtual sales strategy. That way you’re prepared and ready to not only connect with potential clients but to convert them to paying clients too.

2.  12 Tips For Making Your Virtual Meetings More Professional

When you’re in a virtual meeting with a colleague, hiring manager, or client through a conferencing platform like Skype, Zoom, Teams, or Slack, that virtual environment becomes part of your personal brand. Follow this article to get practical tips on how you can create a memorable and professional personal brand when you’re “meeting” someone virtually.

3.  8 Tips for Virtual Meetings, Leading an Effective and Productive Video Call

There are many ‘do’s and don’ts’ on how to run (and participate in) a virtual meeting. While basic meeting etiquette continues to apply, the following tips have been quickly adopted by businesses and meeting leaders as we all adapt to a new business structure. These practices will continue to remain relevant as the pandemic likely has made a lasting impact on how meetings run.

4.  Virtual Meetings: 99 (Best) Tools, Ideas and Tips

When it comes to virtual meeting event tech, there are several categories and types of tools you can use. This article digs deep and will give you insight into a lot of them (correction TONS of them) in this post and shares thier top selections in each category (along with additional suggestions).

5.  How to Host a Conference Call: 7 Tips for Virtual Newbies

Ever sit through a conference call or virtual meeting that was unorganized? Boring? Peppered with painfully awkward bouts of silence? Virtual calls don’t have to be tricky, mangled versions of the successful in-person meetings you’re accustomed to. Here are 7 practical and actionable tips on how to host a conference call that runs smoothly and effectively engages your participants.

6.  How to Run a Great Virtual Meeting

Virtual meetings don’t have to be seen as a waste of time. In fact, they can be more valuable than traditional face-to-face meetings. Beyond the fact that they’re inexpensive ways to get people together – think: no travel costs and readily available technology – they’re also great opportunities to build engagement, trust and candor among teams. Check out this a comprehensive list of some simple do’s and don’ts to help you get the most out of your next virtual meeting.

7.  The Ultimate Guide to Remote Meetings in 2020

Online meetings may be a normal part of a team’s everyday workflow, but how to make them maximally efficient can be a bit of a head-scratcher: What’s the best virtual meeting tool to use? And how do you make sure you cover everything that needs covering before everyone hangs up or disconnects? If running a virtual meeting feels like one big question mark, don’t sweat it. This article contains everything you need to know about running effective remote meetings with distributed teams.

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