7 Best Articles for Improving and Building Happy Client Relationships

By Law Firm Suites - July 24, 2020
7 Best Articles for Improving and Building Happy Client Relationships

Use these awesome resources to help you build healthy and happy relationships with your clients.

Improving and building happy client relationships is a must if you hope to maintain a successful law firm. These articles can help!

1.  It’s The Client, Stupid! 9 Ways To Improve Attorney-Client Relationships

“A lot of lawyers claim to have entered the profession to help people (i.e., clients). Yet as we strive to become better lawyers, we focus principally on enhancing our legal knowledge and acumen. We work off any rust by taking on projects that require use of our rusty skills. But we often ignore the enrichment of our client relations.” Follow this article to get the 9 summarized talking points from one experienced lawyer on the importance of improving client relationships.

2.  7 Ways to Improve Your Relationships With Tough Clients

Our job forces us to face sometimes unhappy clients with compassion and understanding, and in the end, to help them. Yet, even as we strive to keep a stiff upper lip and let difficult interactions roll off our backs, tension-filled client relationships can take a toll on our well-being and the health of our practice’s. Here are a few things you can do to help manage those not-so-smooth relationships.

3.  How Client Management Will Define the Future of Law

Consumer expectations are increasingly shaped by their experiences across every industry, and we believe that the future of the legal profession involves reimagining a more holistic client-centered experience. Delivering this experience means creating a law firm that’s hyper-efficient and organized so that lawyers can support their clients at every crucial moment. Follow this article to learn more.

4.  5 Tips For Keeping Clients Happy as a Solo Attorney

How you treat your clients will become a defining part of your reputation as a solo lawyer. Keeping clients happy will result in more return business and referrals for your law firm. This article lists simple tips you can use to make sure your clients are always satisfied with your services and speaking highly of you.

5. Why Law Firms Need to Strengthen the Client Relationship

The changes occurring in buyer behavior has infiltrated practically every industry and business function, especially legal firms. Lawyers and attorneys, like sales professionals and marketers, are having a similar experience: their prospects and clients want to work with professionals that understand their business and the issues they face. Follow this article to dig deeper about why buyers want more value for their legal spend a more consultative experience.

6.  5 Quick Tips For Happier Clients

How you treat your clients will become a defining part of your reputation, and your current clients can ultimately become some of your biggest brand ambassadors. But making sure your clients are completely happy and understanding of expectations is a difficult task. To help, here are five quick things you do make sure your clients are happy and ready to send you referrals.

7.  Marketing your practice: The ins and outs of legal client relationship management tools

With online advertising leading the way, there is an increased need to track and manage legal marketing efforts. That’s where legal client relationship management tools come in. Follow this article to get recommendations on the best lawyer CRM’s from another experienced attorney.

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