7 Best Articles On Managing Your Law Firm Virtually

By Law Firm Suites - April 24, 2020
7 Best Articles On Managing Your Law Firm Virtually

We’ve chosen the best resources to help you manage your practice, get clients, and stay productive all while working virtually from home.

Right now the whole world is adapting to working virtually. That means managing their businesses, getting new clients, and staying productive, all without actually going into the office or meeting people in person. While this transition might be difficult, it isn’t impossible!

We have rounded up the best articles on how to do all of this! Take a look and see what you can be doing to improve how our practice works virtually.

1.  How To Get New Clients Virtually

Some of you may be sitting at your desks asking yourselves, “If I can’t interact with people face-to-face, how will I close new clients?” Luckily for you, people still have legal troubles – those have not disappeared because of this time of crisis. Law Firm Suites’ very own Rafael Wilson shares his top tips that lawyers can use to bring in new clients. 

2.  Remote Marketing Strategies: Value-Added Services You Can Deliver Virtually Now

Whether you have always worked remotely or are new to it in March 2020, there are so many things you can be doing for clients—right now—that are both extremely helpful to them and will also ensure you get more work down the road. Follow this article to learn some value-added services you can provide remotely to this effect.

3.  7 Types of Tech Tools to Help Lawyers Set Up Virtual Offices

For lawyers across the country, the concept of working remotely from their law firms became an unsettling reality nearly overnight as many governors and mayors began requiring the closure of non-essential businesses earlier this week due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re one of those lawyers or staffers, then you’re undoubtedly struggling to identify the tools your “virtual” law firm needs to get up and running quickly so that you can work remotely from home and continue to serve your clients’ important legal needs. Follow this article to learn more. 

4.  How To Manage A Remote Law Firm (The Complete Guide)

With law firms around the world now shifting from in-office to virtual, there’s one big challenge we’ve seen coming up time and time again—how can you confidently support your staff, your clients and your business through this change? This guide will help you and your law firm confidently navigate the potential roadblocks that come with shifting from an in-office model to a virtual law firm.

5. 4 Things To Consider While Managing Your Law Firm’s New Reality

As we navigate the use of social distancing and most of us scramble to implement new virtual business strategies, lawyers are pivoting and changing their mindset about how to work and thrive in a stay-at-home economy. Here are several tips that every single lawyer, solo or not, can use while working and managing virtually.

6.  Stuck at Home? Here Are Some Tips On How Your Firm Can Effectively Work Remotely

For those new to remote working, we wanted to share some tips we’ve learned from lawyers in our community on how we make it work. Take a look for yourself, soak up the advice and start to improve your law firm’s remote working techniques. If you have tips to add, please share in the comments below!

7.  What Lessons Lawyers Can Learn From Week One of Working From Home

Here are 13 best practices, tailored specifically for the issues partners and associates experienced since starting to work remotely, to remain effective, realistic, responsive and human.

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