7 Best Articles on How To Get and Use Client Testimonials

By Law Firm Suites - April 3, 2020
7 Best Articles on How To Get and Use Client Testimonials

We’ve found the top articles that will help lawyers get and use client testimonials to boost their practices. Take a look and see what interests you!

Testimonials and positive reviews of your firm can make a huge difference in improving your firm’s bottom line for years to come. But getting and using those testimonials effectively can sometimes be a challenge. Use these resources to overcome those challenges and set yourself up for success.

1. How to Create Testimonials that Bring in More Clients [Infographic]

Every visitor to your site wants to know “will this lawyer help me?” The only way you will be able to convert them into new clients is by answering that question. One of the best ways to showcase your benefits, as well as build trust with new visitors, is through testimonials (also referred to as case-studies). Follow this infographic and learn to build compelling testimonials that will help convert more of your website’s visitors into clients.

2. How to Request a Testimonial From a Client [+ Email Templates]

Customers trust traditional business communication — like marketing, advertising, and sales — less than ever before. Today, you need word-of-mouth recommendations and reviews from your customers to convince someone new to win you the sale. To do that, you need lots of glowing reviews and testimonials to do the work for you. To get you started, follow these best practices for asking for a customer testimonial, along with some tried-and-true email templates you can use no matter what relationship you have with your customers.

3. The How and Why of Using Client Reviews to Boost Your Legal Practice

One 2017 study, which examined how important attorney reviews are to those looking for legal services. They found that 84% of respondents require law firms to have an average review score of 4 or 5 stars (out of 5) before hiring them. The message is clear: if your firm has less than a 4-star user rating online, your competition is winning. Keep reading to pick up some tools and tips for sourcing client testimonials to give your legal practice a leg up in a market increasingly guided by end-user feedback.

4. How I Sell My Solo Practice With Stories

It’s much easier to build trust with a potential client when they believe that you can solve their problems. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using stories. Testimonials or case studies help your potential clients to see themselves in your past clients. Follow this article to learn how one solo lawyer is closing more deals with the help of stories.

5. What Lawyers Should Know About Online Reviews

Referrals and recommendations are some of the primary sources of law firm growth, and traditional offline recommendations are still commonplace. However, if lawyers do not pay attention to social media, Google My Business online reviews and testimonials, your firm will stay stagnant while your good standing dwindles. Now is the time to pay attention to online customers and respond to them.

6. How to Ask for Client Testimonials

There’s a lot of discussion about when, and how, to ask for feedback over the course of a client engagement. A website or bio refresh is a great time to ask clients you trust why they hired you and what sets you apart from your competitors. And with many of us tweaking our sites or profiles while working from home, it’s a good time to talk to clients about what they like about you.

7. Effective Client Testimonials for Lawyer Marketing

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