7 Best Resources Marketing Your Law Firm During The Holiday Season

By Law Firm Suites - November 29, 2019
7 Best Resources Marketing Your Law Firm During The Holiday Season

We’ve gathered the best resources for marketing your law firm during the holiday season. Take a look and see what interests you!

Developing a strong holiday marketing strategy will set your firm up for a successful end of the year and a productive start to the next one. These resources can help you do it right!

1.  Law Firm Holiday Marketing Ideas

“November and December are are slow months for my divorce practice so I use the time to ramp up my marketing for the big boost in business in January.” In this edition of Things I Wish I Knew, New York solo lawyer Joleena Louis shares her top tips for marketing her firm during the holiday season.

2.  The Lawyer’s Guide to Local SEO

If you want to build a busy and successful law firm, then you will have to be visible on search engines. Download this eBook and learn how small firm lawyer Charles Smith used Local SEO tactics to get is his firm’s site ranking on page 1 of Google on his own and in his spare time.

3.  5 Things I’m Doing Right Now To Prepare My Solo Firm For The Holiday Season

The holidays can be really nerve-racking for self-employed lawyers, especially if you don’t plan ahead. Between trying to see family and the already hectic nature of this time of year, the stress adds up quick. Here are five things you can do right now to prepare your solo firm for the holiday season, and to make sure you get off to a good start in 2020

4.  Holiday Marketing for Your Law Firm

Today’s holiday marketing plan requires a little more thought than in years past. States are taking a more stringent look at attorney marketing as a whole and specifically to “nonlawyer lead generation services and the entire lawyer-client referral process,” according to the American Bar Association. In a nutshell, the holiday season is for socializing. Instead, let your holiday marketing efforts work to generate business for after the season and beyond. Follow this article to learn how!

5.  4 Ways Law Firm Owners Can Maximize Holiday Marketing

Committing to creating your firm’s holiday marketing plan goes a long way to strengthen your law firm’s referral network and grow your practice. In doing so, you can enjoy the season and strengthen your business relationships. This isn’t about buying the biggest and most audacious gifts to stand out from the crowd. It’s more about acknowledging your practice’s top referral sources and strengthening those relationships. Here are some ideas to help you enjoy the holidays while building relationships for the year ahead.

6.  Tips For Driving Holiday Traffic To Your Law Firm

Tis the season when many people put their legal issues on hold until the new year. For your law firm, that may mean a slight dip in calls to your office or visitors to your website. That doesn’t mean November and December are a bust. The attorneys that find the most success during this time embrace the festive season with a plan and a small budget to reach new consumers and drive traffic to their websites or social media accounts. There are several ways to get noticed during the holiday season and generate more traffic even during the slow months. 

7.  Planning Your Law Firm Holiday Client Gifts

How much thought do you put into holiday gifts for clients? Be honest now. Do you schedule a partners’ meeting and brainstorm for a couple of hours? Probably not. What about a quick peruse through a gift catalog? Perhaps. Or do you ask your executive assistant to order some holiday cards and a fruit basket? It’s amazing how little time many law firms and businesses spend thinking about their holiday cards and gifts. And it’s amazing how such a little thing can work so strongly for or against a law firm when a client must decide whether to renew its retainer. While every firm is different, here are ten tips for marketing this holiday season.

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