7 Best Articles on Practice Management and Productivity

By Law Firm Suites - September 20, 2019
7 Best Articles on Practice Management and Productivity

For lawyers, improving your practice management and productivity is something that takes planning and a greater reliance on technology. These great articles can help.

Interested in increasing your overall productivity or improving your practice management? We’ve chosen our top resources that can help.

1.  How To Build The Most Productive Home Law Office [Infographic]

Having a home office provides several benefits, beyond simply getting rid of that awful commute! However, if you’re going to work from home, you need to have the self-discipline to be just as productive as if you were in the office with the boss watching. Check out this infographic to get tips on how to use the layout of your home office to improve productivity.

2.  4 Ways to Increase Productivity for Growing Law Firms

As your law firm grows, you should be looking for new ways you can use technology to help you manage your day-to-day tasks. This article provides four technology solutions that will make your law firm more organized and effective.

3.  10 Things Lawyers Should Stop Doing in 2019

Almost every lawyer has struggled with time management. The solution to this problem does not lie in trying to find more hours in the day. The key to real, meaningful productivity is identifying the most important, essential tasks that drive success, and working to de-prioritize or eliminate the rest. Here are 10 things lawyers should stop doing in 2019.

4.  Proven Law Firm Management: The Complete Growth Guide

In today’s market, being an outstanding law specialist and working with top talent still make up the foundation for a winning legal business. However, they are certainly not the only factors that will bring you success. Effective law firm management strategies will keep you on top of your game and growing the way you want to. Discover the main aspects of running a small legal practice efficiently.

5.  Best 15 Law Firm Practice Management Software

The best law practice management software can, manage your case and client records, coordinate billing, maintain schedules and set appointments, remind you about deadlines, facilitate compliance requirements, and so much most. But with so many different packages on the market, which one suits your needs best? Follow this article to learn about all the top practice management software available to your firm.

6.  Law Firm Productivity & Profitability Relies on IT

Law firms are relying more on technology and cloud computing to increase their productivity and reduce costs. In fact, LexisNexis says that 65% of firms are investing in technology designed to grow their practice. This article details various ways law firms are investing in technology and using it to transform their business management.

7.  5 Simple Ways Lawyers Can Improve Their Productivity

Time is money for solo lawyers, which makes it even more important to adopt small habits that can make you more productive. This article lists five quick, easy tips busy lawyers can use to keep themselves focused and accomplish more throughout the day.

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