7 Best Time Management Articles for Lawyers

By Law Firm Suites - August 29, 2019
7 Best Time Management Articles for Lawyers

Great resource picks for improving your time management skills!

A successful law firm will require you to have good time management skills, especially if you are a solo or small firm lawyer. These great articles will help!

1.  10 Best Articles For Solo Attorney Time Management

Time management is an invaluable skill for solo attorneys who struggle to balance running their own law practice with their personal lives. Staying productive while maintaining a healthy work-life balance is not easy, but it is possible with a great time management system.

2.  Taking Control: Time Management Tips for Busy Lawyers

A healthy practice is already a full-time job. The key is to be as efficient as possible so that you have time left for business development (or whatever else you’ve been neglecting). Here are six steps you can take to increase your efficiency.

3.  Beating the Clock: Time Management Tips for Attorneys

In a recent article by Paul H. Burton, posted to the American Bar Association, there are five simple steps that can not only increase productivity but add a few extra ticks to the mindful eye of the clock. Burton suggests that implementing these tips can improve time management, break unhealthy work habits and just may get you home by dinnertime.

4.  4 Time Management Methods For Solo Attorneys

Solo attorneys have a lot on their plate and typically have a million things going on at once. It can sometimes be difficult to practice law, run a practice, network, and maintain some semblance of a personal life. They might often find one thing colliding with another if they neglect to manage each part of their practice. Follow the advice of one solo lawyer to learn about the methods that have worked best for them when it comes to time management.

5.  How young lawyers can tackle time management challenges in their practice

Unfortunately, you cannot really “manage” time. The only thing you can control is what you do with your time – in other words, your behaviors. This post highlights some tips shared in the webinar with a few bonus tips to help you increase your productivity.

6.  11 Tips for Attorneys on Mastering Time Management to Find a Better Work-Life Balance

Effective time management is critical for a successful business. But running a successful practice requires not only knowing how to manage time but also how to manage energy. If you know how to manage your time and energy, you will be able to better focus on the practice of law, thereby generating more income. Use these 11 tips to help you operate more efficiently and alleviate unnecessary stress as you navigate your week.

7.  Attorney Time Management: How To Control and Manage Where You Spend Your Time

Lawyers are inherently busy. Filing deadlines, letters to clients, depositions, meetings, phone calls… I know that I was always looking for that magic bullet that would solve my time management woes.  And that is why developing certain habits, including the assistance of tools, can help you best manage the limited amount of time you do have each workday.

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