7 Best Articles To Help Lawyers Improve Their Writing

By Law Firm Suites - August 23, 2019
7 Best Articles To Help Lawyers Improve Their Writing

We’ve picked our favorite articles for improving your writing skills as a lawyer. Take a look and see what can help you!

Your writing skills will have a massive impact on your legal career. Think about it, your writing skills influence your marketing, legal work, client interactions and conversations with referral sources. Putting a generic bio on your website could prevent you from being considered for new opportunities.

Check out these great articles that can help you continue to improve your writing skills, increase your law firm’s credibility and help you attract more business.

1.  10 Writing Tips for Young Lawyers

One of the best ways to become better known is to write on the subjects you know best, through articles and client alerts for your law firm’s website, for industry and professional organization newsletters and publications, or even for legal profession newsletters and publications. Many such publications are hungry for content to be submitted, so there are many opportunities to publish. When you do, you want to be sure your material is read, so here are ten tips you should consider further that goal.

2.  How to Write an Attorney Bio that Brings in Clients

There is more to writing a bio than simply listing your experience and accomplishments. You want to make it personal and engaging so potential clients stay interested. This article offers tips that will help you write a bio that will establish trust and convince clients that you can solve their problems.

3.  5 Tips to Writing Better Attorney Website Copy: Why No One Wants to Read Your Resume

There is no doubt that people are looking you up online before deciding to work with you. Both potential clients and referral sources want to see that you care about your brand and professional appearance, which means you must make sure your website is impressive. This article provides advice for how to write a compelling narrative that shows you are a real person dedicated to serving your clients.

4.  The Ultimate Guide to Good Legal Writing

Writing well is a skill that transcends profession, but nowhere is it more necessary than in the legal profession, where good writing is essential to the practice of nearly every area of the law. Clear communication (or the lack thereof) can make or break your client’s case, so it’s no surprise that our clients routinely ask us to find candidates with superior legal writing skills. If you need a refresher, or simply want to kick some bad habits, read on for the tidbits, tools, and resources that can help take your legal writing to the next level.

5.  10 Easy Tips for Powerful Legal Writing

Want to elevate your law game without spending a penny? Pay more attention to the quality of your writing. Your readers – whether they are clients, judges or opposing counsel – will be eternally grateful. And it will increase the odds that they will actually read what you wrote. Legal writing is often dull at best and incomprehensible at worst. It doesn’t have to be that way. A little extra care, combined with solid fundamentals and some insider tricks, can make all the difference.

6.  Five Tips for Getting Writing Right

This article isn’t about writing briefs or contracts or any other type of legal writing. It’s about business writing and written communication in general. Poor writing skills can turn off potential clients and others, whether it’s in an e-mail message or a formal proposal. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best lawyer for the job because people do draw conclusions based on the quality of your writing. So before writing that e-mail or letter to a client or that important memo to your partners, consider these five basic writing tips:

7.  Writing Tips for New Lawyers and Law Students

As attorneys, we have a habit of using longer, complicated words when we could be concise and to the point. You probably caught the intentional redundancy at the end of the last sentence, illustrating the point. This post provides tips on how lawyers can improve their writing. To be an effective persuasive writer, the authors note, a writer must be clear and able to convince the reader to take action.

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