How To Create Content That Attracts Your Ideal Client To Your Firm

By Law Firm Suites - July 18, 2019
How To Create Content That Attracts Your Ideal Client To Your Firm

Using blogging best practices and following these content marketing tips will help attract more of your ideal clients to your firm’s website

The legal market is saturated with other lawyers and firms pumping out blogs and other content. That means a lot of competition for the top spot on search engines. Out of all the SEO tactics, none are as effective as a good content strategy, and that is the key to outperforming those other lawyers and sites.

It’s easy to start writing content with a few good keywords and assume your rank will increase. However, the competition is always thinking ten steps ahead and Google is forever updating its algorithms. I highly suggest you create a content strategy in order to gain a leg up. In this article, we’ll go over four ways to create content that delivers results.

Write Specifically for your Ideal Clients

You won’t be doing yourself or your firm any favors if you keep your blog and content too general. Make your blog as specific and drilled down as possible. This may lessen the number of people who search for or read it, but it’s better to get more high-quality visitors to your site versus tons of traffic but none of them ever become clients. 

Plus, niche content geared towards a specific audience is less competitive because the keywords are not being used as much, and some of your keywords are more long-tail keywords. You know and understand your ideal client better than just about anyone, so write niche content toward them to stand out.

Do Your Homework

Many people don’t do enough homework before starting to write their content. However, you can save yourself time and a headache later by figuring out what is already working for your competitors and building from there. Look for the keywords that are driving the most clicks and read articles from other top-performing blogs on similar subjects. 

You can also take the time to read the comments left on these posts and to see who shares the articles, giving you additional insights to make your own content stronger. Your audience very well might be the same people leaving those comments, so if you’re wondering what people want and what they will read, then check out those comments, they will tell you exactly that.

Use Different Formats

One of the major problems with legal content is it’s so dry. You find yourself reading endless blogs and articles, written with a keen academic understanding but with no regard for user experience. To get an edge over others in the same field, you really ought to think about shaking up your choices. Start introducing new media; use photos, gifs, animated content, infographics and videos. Make it interesting!

Follow Content Marketing Best Practices

There are many best practices when it comes to blogging and content marketing that you need to follow. These include things like using external and internal links, placing keywords in your title, meta descriptions, image alt texts and URL, and more. It is good to use everything you have at your disposal when structuring blog posts in order to gain the highest ranking possible in the shortest amount of time. Following the best practices with all of these will appease the Google and other SEO gods and will encourage them to rank your content even higher in search results.

With consumers who aren’t well versed in where to go for reading or understanding law, having your marketing content search engine optimized can be really important to bringing in customers and drawing interest.

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