6 Online Marketing Tips That Will Forever Stand The Test Of Time

By Law Firm Suites - February 13, 2019
6 Online Marketing Tips That Will Forever Stand The Test Of Time

No matter what your online marketing strategy is, these principles will help them to be more successful.

Do you find marketing your law firm to be frustrating and time-consuming? Are you struggling to produce results or not sure where to start?

Two things solo lawyers are usually short on are time and extra income for marketing. They can’t afford to pay someone to do their marketing for them, but they don’t have the time to spend on executing a complex marketing plan on their own.

That means if you’re going to invest in a marketing strategy you should probably make sure it’s tried and tested. There are always new ideas and technologies when it comes to marketing but many of the underlying principles are the same. To make sure you are getting the most out of your efforts, follow the tips below and make sure you’re getting the most out of your firm’s marketing efforts.

1. Be Authentic

Authentic law firm marketing means speaking, writing and behaving in a way that is honest and genuine. It means building respect, trust and credibility by repeatedly showing your audience who you are, what you stand for and what makes your firm unique.

Prospects now have unlimited access to information, which means they can easily find out if you are not being authentic. The best case scenario is they don’t hire you, but the worst case scenario is they share it on review sites or social media, which can cause extreme damage to your brand.

2. Look at the Big Picture

It’s easy to get caught in the weeds of managing and planning for today’s high-performing social platforms. But no matter which platform you use, it will benefit you most to master the fundamentals of each, like image, video and audio creation/selections.

Don’t get locked into one platform when it comes to social media marketing, but that’s dangerous because you never know when that platform might change its policy or algorithms. It’s better to develop a sound understanding of how to tell good stories across any medium.

3. Content is King but an Effective CTA is Queen.

Strong content means nothing if you don’t have a compelling CTA to collect their email address and then you’re wasting your time. Your content needs to help collect that information so you can continue to market to those leads and hopefully motivate them to become clients.

There’s no point in investing huge amounts of time and resources into content that doesn’t add leads to your pipeline.

4.  Keep your Finger on the Pulse.

Take time to stay on top of and research the content and brands that your audience engages with across social platforms. It’s in your best interest to take consistent stock of what works for your competitors and apply the findings to your specific brand voice and audience. Moral of the story, don’t reinvent the wheel!  

5.  Not all Platforms are Created Equal.

Certain types of content and certain types of audiences are better suited for specific platforms.

For example, your Twitter audience may appreciate witty responses to trending news topics, but on Instagram, your audience wants to see inspirational and aspirational lifestyle shots. Learn the tone and behavior of your audience across each platform.

6. Overthinking is a Waste of Time.

The online marketing world moves at a lightning pace, and if you spend too much time on one platform or strategy, you may miss your moment to build relationships with new leads. Nothing will ever be perfect, so don’t spend forever and a day to take some action!

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