7 Best Articles on Improving your Firm’s Search Engine Ranking

By Law Firm Suites - September 28, 2018
7 Best Articles on Improving your Firm’s Search Engine Ranking

Great resources about how can improve your firm’s search rank, increase traffic and get more clients.

These resources can help boost your firm’s search engine ranking, increasing web traffic and bringing new business to your firm.

1.  7 Need to Know “SEO” Tips for Law Firms, Lawyers & Attorneys

Google is hands down the easiest way to drive clients to a law firm. The problem is, every law firm knows this and invests heavily in their website and SEO. This has made the legal space one of the more competitive verticals in SEO. Hopefully, this post will save you time when building your SEO strategies.

2.  7 Signs Your Law Firm May Need a New SEO Partner

Law firms and attorneys around the country continue to get taken advantage of by “churn and burn” SEO agencies. Here are the seven biggest reasons why law firms drop their SEO (or digital marketing) partner, as well as how law firms can avoid these pitfalls and find a dependable long-term partner.

3.  Law Firm SEO Strategies: 50+ SEO Specialists Share Their Best Tips

“If you were working with an attorney to improve a law firm’s search engine optimization, what would be your #1 tip to get results?” This is the question posed to more than 50 SEO specialists who have done SEO for lawyers. If you want to improve your website ranking, then this expert roundup blog post is what you’re looking for.

4.  Eight Successful SEO Techniques For Law Firms In 2018

In 2018, with so many law firms vying for the attention of potential clients, creating and implementing a solid SEO strategy is the key to setting yourself apart and ranking high in search. When it comes to creating a successful SEO campaign for your law firm, what are the secrets to success?

5.  How I Used ‘Local SEO’ to Get My Law Firm Ranked on Page 1 of Google Search

Many solo attorneys struggle with standing out in the crowded legal market, but one simple way to accomplish this is by improving local SEO for their law firm’s website. This article explains how you can get on the first page of Google by following a few easy to implement local SEO best practices.

6.  Law Firm SEO That Works in 2018

Search engine optimization (SEO) gives law firms the highest quality clients at the lowest cost per lead of any other marketing channel. This should come as no surprise as the majority of legal consumers start their search for a lawyer online. Here’s how some experts are making SEO work for law firms.

7.  Are You Missing Out on a Huge Opportunity by Not Hiring an SEO Agency?

It’s entirely possible for an attorney to learn the basics about SEO, and even do well with certain tactics, like mastering Local SEO. But solos may be missing out on a huge market opportunity by not hiring an SEO agency. This expert interview will give you the inside scoop on SEO agencies, and whether solos should consider hiring one.

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