7 Best Resources for Running a Paperless Law Firm

By Law Firm Suites - July 13, 2018
7 Best Resources for Running a Paperless Law Firm

Great resources for running a paperless law firm!

Moving towards a more sustainable and paperless law firm is a rapidly growing trend. Follow these tips and limit your firm’s dependence on paper.

1.  3 Tips on Helping Your Firm Go Paperless [Infographic]

Sustainability has become one of the largest trends in the legal industry over the past few years. But making the switch to a paperless office won’t happen overnight. Follow this infographic to get great tips on how to break your firm’s unhealthy (and expensive!) relationship with paper.

2.  Paperless in 12 Steps

Too many excuses are made for a law firm’s inertia toward a paperless or just “less paper”-ridden office. The reason? Most often, “We aren’t sure where to start”. Well here’s a simple plan to help get the mountain moving.

3.  Why The Law Office As We Know It Is Changing Fast

Technology and innovation have already allowed law firm employees to work outside of the brick-and-mortar office setting, and the legal industry appears to be heading even further down that path. Follow this article to learn how technology is playing a role in helping law firms to go paperless.

4.  How to Start and Run a Paperless Office

For lawyers who have been in practice for some time and are dealing with overflowing file cabinets and bankers boxes of closed files, know that their dependence one paper is an issue. But the answer is not as simple as scanning everything and converting the paper into electronic files. Follow this article to get tips so you don’t waste huge amounts of time and resources trying to go paperless.

5.  How to Achieve a Paperless Law Office

A paperless law office isn’t a mythical unicorn. It’s achievable, and more importantly: it’s a good idea. Law firms large and small are mired by boxes of paper files that take up a lot of physical space and make finding what you’re looking for difficult (at best) as well as time-consuming. Here’s how a cloud-based solution might be the answer to your firm’s problematic dependence on paper.

6.  Now Is the Time to Go Paperless

Converting to a paperless office has been an ongoing trend in the legal industry for the better part of a decade. However, if any attorneys out there were expecting to be able to ride this one out as just another “fad” that will fade with time, I have some bad news for you: the paperless office is here to stay.

7.  Five Reasons for Your Practice to Go Paperless

In the past, having access to necessary information meant that law firms had to devote an enormous amount of space to store hard copies of files. Everything had to be printed. But we’re living in the digital age. Here are the top five reasons your practice should go paperless.

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