7 Best Articles for Keeping your Expenses Down

By Law Firm Suites - November 3, 2017
7 Best Articles for Keeping your Expenses Down

Great resources for keeping your law firm’s expenses down!

Lowing your firm’s overhead expenses is never a bad idea, it will only help you to run a more profitable practice. Follow these tips and get great tips and resources on how to lower your firm’s expenses.

1.  How Can Shared Law Office Space Benefit a Solo or Small Firm?

If you’re thinking about starting a solo law practice, looking to cut your firm’s expenses or are already practicing and in the market for different office space, here are the top 3 reasons why you should consider shared law office space.

2.  7 Simple Ways to Reduce Business Expenses

As a small business owner, you pay close attention to the money coming in and going out of your firm. You want to increase profits while keeping costs down. To get your finances on track, you need to know how to reduce business expenses.

3.  Cut your Firm’s Expenses with Conference Room Rentals

There’s a growing trend among forward-thinking attorneys to rely on temporary workspaces for client meetings, depositions, closings and war rooms in lieu of carrying the extra overhead associated with long-term rental commitments. Follow this article to learn more!

4.  Law Firm Finances: Everything You Need to Get Started

Law firm finances. These are critical skills that are not taught in law school, and many lawyers struggle to stay on top of their firm finances. This is a detailed how-to manual for setting up accounts, managing cash flow and credit, paying taxes and managing income, and forecasting income.

5.  Keeping Your Costs Down

There’s a fine line between starting your business on a shoestring and letting it fail due to a lack of resources. You don’t want to shell out big bucks just to get going, yet you need to look professional to clients. Here are some tips to keep early costs under control.

6.  7 Ways to Instantly Cut Down on Business Expenses

Looking to boost your firm’s bottom line? There are two ways to do that: increase income or reduce expenses. In the event that you’re not in a position to increase your rates, crack down on unnecessary spending to put more money back into your practice. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

7.  Cutting Waste From Your Law Firm’s Budget

Many lawyers, unfortunately, don’t look at both ends of the profit equation. These attorneys only focus on increasing revenue and don’t give the expense side the attention it deserves. Want to make more money? Reducing those expenses is the easiest way to do so.

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