How to Get the Most Out of Your Boston Virtual Law Office

By Law Firm Suites - October 17, 2017
How to Get the Most Out of Your Boston Virtual Law Office

Running a Boston virtual law office requires both skill and the right mindset. Learn about what is required of lawyers who are making the switch from a brick and mortar law firm to a virtual office.

Running a virtual law office requires both the skills as an attorney and a forward-thinking entrepreneurial spirit. Embracing the benefits that modern technology brings to your law firm.

Learn how a virtual law office can benefit your firm, as well as the first steps you need to take to launch your own Boston virtual law office.

Advantages of a Boston Virtual Law Office

Solo law firms choose to operate as virtual law offices for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few considerations that make virtual law offices a great idea:

  • Reduced expenses: Virtual law offices reduce overhead for solo firms in terms of rented office space, additional staff, and office supplies.
  • Flexibility: Virtual law offices enable attorneys to work from anywhere at any time. Increasing opportunities both for growing revenue and maintaining a better work/life balance.
  • Prestige: Just think about the impression you’ll be leaving on potential clients. They will hold you in higher regard because you have a fancy office at a prestigious Boston address. Not only will that make converting leads easier, but it will also allow you to charge higher rates.
  • Convenient: Virtual law offices let attorneys connect with clients via their preferred methods. Including emails, text messages, and online client portals.

Requirements for Starting a Boston Virtual Law Office

Before you sign up for a Boston virtual law office, you have to look at your practice as a whole and see if it really is a good option for you. For example, not every lawyer feels comfortable with technology, and in your virtual law office, technology needs to be your best friend. If you have the skills or the willingness to acquire the skills to run a virtual law firm, you have already won half the battle.

A well-designed website will be the foundation upon which your virtual law office is built. Therefore, you HAVE to work with a good web designer. Someone who will help you determine what should be on your website, who will handle content creation, and make sure it has a positive user experience.

Also, you have to constantly be thinking about the security of your site. Just as you protect client information in a physical office, you have to guard the online interactions you have with your clients and their data.

Software to Run Your Virtual Law Office

You will also need to find appropriate software solutions for your virtual law office.

The ABA’s “Launching a Virtual Law Firm” suggests using following types of software help you run your virtual law office:

  • Practice management software that includes time and billing, calendars, contacts, reporting, and bank account management tasks.
  • Document management software.
  • An online client portal.
  • Social media engagement/publishing tools.

Ideally, the software solutions you choose will integrate with each other and with your established workflows.

Shared Office Space and Your Firm

Every Boston virtual law office needs a physical location now and again. This is where shared office space comes into play.

Shared office space gives your virtual firm:

  • A physical address that reassures clients.
  • A central place for mail delivery.
  • A shared receptionist to field client calls.
  • Office space or conference rooms for client consultations as needed.
  • Increased opportunities for collaboration and referrals from other solo law firms sharing office space.

Running a virtual law office requires attention to detail, a certain level technological competence, and an ability to embrace a forward-thinking mindset. So if you are ready to make the switch to a virtual law office, these tools and advice will help get your practice off to a great start.

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