7 Best Resources for Running a Client-Centric Law Firm

By Law Firm Suites - August 25, 2017
7 Best Resources for Running a Client-Centric Law Firm

Great resources for running a client-centric law firm!

Making sure your practice is client centric will keep your firm on the path to success.

1.  Use Tech, Yes, but Your Law Firm Must be Client-Centric

The philosophy you must embrace to have a successful solo or small-firm practice is that your firm exists to serve your clients. It must be client-centric. Follow this article to get the input of one legal expert’s opinion on the future of solo practice and how to prepare your firm.

2.  The Client-Centric Law Firm

A recent study identified three critical success factors that help law firms find and retain clients. Will your clients recommend you to their peers? Does your firm have the reputation to command premium rates? Is your firm innovative, relevant, and forward-thinking approaches? Use the slide deck in this article to go deeper into the process of creating the perfect client-centric law firm.  

3.  How to Talk to Clients About Sensitive Issues

Effectively communicating with people who are coping with intimate issues, like death, can be very difficult and your approach will need to vary depending on the person and their situation. Follow this article to learn how one solo works with clients who don’t want to talk about the sensitive issues.  

4.  14 Ways to Make Customer Service a Priority

Customer service is one of the most important parts of running a business, yet it can often fall to the wayside. Don’t let that happen to you and your firm. Take the advice from these 14 tips and watch your firm come out better because of it.  

5.  7 Simple Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Customers

You want to stay in touch with your customers. But that’s not easy, especially when all you can think to do is send a “Thinking of you–hope you’re doing well!” email that sounds like you’re just fishing for business. Read this article and learn how to stay in touch in a memorable way with customers without seeming obvious or gratuitous.  

6.  5 Tips For Keeping Clients Happy as a Solo Attorney

How you treat your clients will become a defining part of your reputation as a solo lawyer. Keeping clients happy will result in more return business and referrals for your law firm. This article lists simple tips you can use to make sure your clients are always satisfied with your services and speaking highly of you.  

7.  Marketing: Building A Customer-Centric Marketing Ecosystem

As more and more brands are vying for a slice of the consumer’s attention, businesses need to restructure themselves and become more customer-centric to stay ahead in the race. While most companies today claim to put their customers first, a surprisingly small number are actually doing it right. So, where are they going wrong? Follow this article to learn more!

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