7 Best Resources for Embracing LegalTech

By Law Firm Suites - July 28, 2017
7 Best Resources for Embracing LegalTech

Embracing legaltech is something every lawyer should practice.

Top article picks for being well versed in legal tech! 

1.  Why The Legal Industry Needs to Embrace Technology

As the rate of technological innovation increases, problems will arise unless the legal industry as a whole takes steps to embrace and adopt technology itself. Follow this article to learn more about why the legal industry needs to step its game up and embrace technology. 

2.  How To Leverage LegalTech To Strengthen Your Legal Practice [eBook]

Technology is changing the way that we live and work, and the legal industry is no exception. Check out this great article with input from Law Technology Today, and discover five trends that are driving the growth of legal technology today. 

3.  5 Social Media Tips For Attorneys And Legal Tech Companies

At EvolveLaw’s event in L.A. last November, legal marketing experts gathered to discuss trends and options about legal marketing. This article contains tips and takeaways from those experts on how to successfully manage and grow your social media presence as an attorney and/or legal tech innovator. 

4.  Why Keeping Up with Technology is Important for Career Success

While technology continues to develop, so do the ways it can be applied to more traditional workspaces. And it’s still true, technology can make it easier or more efficient to get your work done. Let’s take a look at six ways you can implement today’s technology into your law firm. 

5.  ‘Just Keep Swimming’: 4 Legal Technology Tips for Lawyers

Four legal technologists at an Atlanta Tech Village event encouraged the city’s legal tech enthusiasts to identify potential improvements and keep pushing forward. Follow this article to learn more. 

6.  Mobile Technology is Having a Massive Impact on the Legal Industry [Infographic]

it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you hear that technology has become incorporated into our everyday lives. So it’s not surprising that according to the American Bar Association’s latest Legal Technology Survey Report, mobile lawyering is more popular than ever, and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Follow this great infographic to learn more about mobile tech’s impact on lawyers. 

7.  How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize eDiscovery

Good lawyers offer their clients a certain amount of insight, wisdom, and judgment that computers cannot (yet) provide. But it’s definitely the case that advanced technology will dramatically transform lawyers’ jobs. Follow this article to learn more about how A.I is continuing to shape the legal industry.

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