7 Best Resources for Building a Professional Small Law Firm

By Law Firm Suites - June 30, 2017
7 Best Resources for Building a Professional Small Law Firm

Great resources for building a professional small law firm!

Building a professional small law firm is a feat that anyone can accomplish. These resources will help you do it!

1.  How To Ensure Your Home Office Makes You Look Professional

You may choose to work from a home office simply because you can, or for other valid lifestyle reasons. Since more and more lawyers are choosing that path, here are some tips to make sure your practice appears professional to clients and colleagues.

2.  Organize for Success

Did you know something as simple as keeping your law office organized can help increase profits? It’s true. Use this free eBook to discover how organizing your office space and social routine correctly can open the door to more referral opportunities.

3.  5 Tips for Building Your Attorney Referral Network

Referrals can be an important source of business for your law firm, as other lawyers recommend your firm for clients they cannot take or cases they won’t handle. But referrals don’t happen out of the blue. They’re based on relationships, reputations, and connections that need to be built and fostered. Here are some tips on how to get started, from the FindLaw archives.

4.  Golden Rules for Building Client Trust

According to a recent poll on the perceived honesty and ethics of various professions, 79% of people rate lawyers average or low. This means that you are fighting an uphill battle with new clients before they even meet you. There’s no quick fix when it comes to gaining the trust of others, but the tips in this article will help!

5.  10 Things I Wish I Knew About Law Firm Marketing Before Going Solo

What if you could get an insider’s look at how one lawyer went from zero clients to having a law practice that’s the envy of other lawyers, all in less than three years? New York matrimonial lawyer, Joleena Louis, will show you the tactics she used to build her solo law practice.

6.  7 Deadly Mistakes That Prevent Law Practice Success

By understanding the most common mistakes small firm attorneys make,  you can anticipate them before they become problems, putting your firm on a rapid path to success, never having to ask yourself “What happened”? Download this free eBook to learn more!

7.  Does Anyone Care About Their Reputation?

When you’re running your own law practice your reputation is key to attracting new business. Without a good reputation, your firm could struggle to get off the ground. Use this article to get examples of how to build and maintain a positive reputation for your firm. New Call-to-action

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