7 Best Resources for Turning Your Small Law Firm Into a Cash Cow

By Law Firm Suites - June 9, 2017
7 Best Resources for Turning Your Small Law Firm Into a Cash Cow

Turning your small law firm into a cash cow is a difficult feat, but it can be done!

Take a look at our favorite resources for making your law firm more profitable!

1.  How Lawyers can Increase Revenue by Decreasing Busy Work

Many lawyers face the temptation of trying to do everything on your own, especially when starting a practice on a shoestring budget. Wasting time in your practice can limit your income potential, or even worse, it can destroy your firm. Follow these tips to make sure that doesn’t happen to your practice.

2.  How to Work with Freelance Lawyers to Increase Profits, Decrease Stress and Get Your Life Back

Running a solo or small law firm can leave you feeling buried. But, while you could certainly use the help, maybe your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a full-time staff member. This eBook gives you the useful advice to ensure your next experience with a freelance lawyer helps you to increase profits, decrease stress and get your life back.

3.  Taking Extra Time Off Can Boost Your Solo Practice [Infographic]

40 hours a week is the standard for full-time employment. But for lawyers, working 50 to 70 hours isn’t unheard of. Even though lawyers work long hours, they are no different than other professionals when it comes to the benefits of taking time off. Use this infographic to learn how taking time off can help you provide a better service to your clients, while also taking care of yourself.

4.  Organize For Success [eBook]

Did you know something as simple as keeping your law office organized can help increase profits? It’s true. Think about it, if you were to walk into another lawyer’s office and you found an unorganized mess, you’d probably be less likely to refer them any new business. Use this free eBook to discover how organizing your office space and social routine correctly can open the door to more referral opportunities.

5.  3 Legal Marketing Steps to Building a Profitable Law Practice

There is only one thing that will guarantee your financial and personal success in your practice. Clients. If you plan to run a profitable firm and to also have all the personal and professional freedoms you want, then you must have a steady stream of new and existing clients. Follow this article to learn how these three legal marketing steps can help you get there.

6.  How Lawyers Can Dramatically Boost Their Incomes

Many lawyers and many law firms have “issues” with bringing in new business. It’s not that they don’t want to generate new clients; it’s just that they’re not especially good at it. By skillfully applying the four strategies in this article, you can create a steady stream of highly satisfied clients (and a lot of money)!

7.  8 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Isn’t Increasing Revenue (Infographic)

Law firms are facing more challenges than ever. Increased competition, industry pressures, falling realization rates, and a more demanding client base make managing and growing a firm daunting. But do you know how all of these different factors are impacting your firm’s ability to generate revenue? Follow this great infographic to discover why your firm might not be maximizing its revenue potential!

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