7 Best Resources for Utilizing Freelance Lawyers

By Law Firm Suites - May 19, 2017
7 Best Resources for Utilizing Freelance Lawyers

Utilizing freelance lawyers can be a great way to boost your law firm!

The best article picks for using freelance legal professionals.

1.  How to Work with Freelance Lawyers to Increase Profits, Decrease Stress and Get Your Life Back

Running a solo or small law firm can leave you feeling buried under a never ending mountain of work. While you could certainly use the help, maybe your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a full-time staff member. This eBook gives you the useful advice to ensure your next experience with a freelance lawyer helps you to increase profits, decrease stress and get your life back.

2.  Podcast #97: How to Expand Your Practice with Freelance Lawyers, with Lisa Solomon

In this podcast, Lisa Solomon explains what freelance lawyering is, how to work with a freelance lawyer, and where to find one. She also points out that because you can bill a freelance lawyer’s time at more than you pay, a freelance lawyer can generate a profit for your practice while taking some work off your shoulders.

3.  Embracing the rise of freelance lawyers

Firms ready to jump on the freelance bandwagon should have a clear approach of integrating flexible resource that doesn’t break the budget and enables companies to grow. Use this article to great tips on how to have a long a healthy relationship with freelance lawyers.

4.  Legal Ethics of Using a Freelance Attorney

As the legal industry has evolved and firms have begun to innovate and reduce costs by outsourcing legal work to contract and freelance attorneys. With that change comes several questions and concerns from other lawyers. This article addresses some of the most common questions and helps shed a positive light on utilizing freelance attorneys.

5.  How to Outsource Legal Work to a Freelance Attorney

While legal outsourcing is still a relatively new concept, it is becoming more and more common in our profession. Use the advice from this author (who happens to be a freelance lawyer) to get tips on how to hire and get the most out of a relationship with a freelance attorney.

6.  Ten Benefits of Freelance Attorneys

Even in a booming economy, outsourcing to freelance attorneys can add value to your practice. Solo attorneys, small firm practitioners, large firms, and their clients all benefit when adding skilled and experienced freelance attorneys to any legal practice. Check out this article to discover the top 10 advantages of using a freelance lawyer for your firm.

7.  Freelancers are an Affordable Way For Solos to Get More Done

Working with freelance lawyers can be a be tricky. Creating a successful and profitable relationship with a freelance lawyer will take time and hard work from both parties. To help, here is one solo lawyer’s take on the benefits and drawbacks that come with freelance lawyers.

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